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Why the resistance will win–but only if we ACT.

Friends, this post is going to be political–but unlike so many political takes–this is a hopeful message.

I’ll say this first: we’re going to win. Not just against Trump and the Republican Party, but in the long run. We’re going to go beyond even what the Democratic Party is proposing. I don’t mean further left–I mean smarter, better, more efficient, more modern, and more freedom of every kind, be it economic, social, or political.

Here’s why:

  1. Climate Change is real and we should be doing something about it.
  2. Single-payer/universal healthcare is cheaper AND would deliver better healthcare outcomes than our current system.
  3. We don’t spend nearly enough on education, and we spend far too much on the military.
  4. Women who get sexually abused or raped should get our support and sympathy, not a shrug of the shoulders.
  5. When we lose 30,000 of our fellow Americans every year to gun violence, we should do something about it. The same is true of the opiod epidemic.
  6. When a foreign country interferes in our elections, we should do everything possible to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  7. We should want MORE people to vote and be politically engaged, not less.
  8. The justice system does not treat minorities, particularly black people?—?especially black men?—?the same as it does white people. That is a problem that goes to the very heart of who we are, and we should fix it.
  9. The rich and powerful should have LESS influence on politics and pay MORE in taxes, rather than the other way around.
  10. Immigrants make our country stronger, not weaker, and we shouldn’t be heartlessly deporting old people and the parents of children who’ve done nothing wrong other than being here.

In other words: We’re Right!

The values we’re coalescing around in the Resistance to Trump and the GOP are values that form the foundation for a truly transformative, modern society. I can’t pretend to say I know what that will look like, but it’s coming. The system of old white power is dying, literally, and is being replaced by generations–Millennials/Gen-Xers–that unlike the Baby Boomers, actually want to do something and aren’t deathly afraid of change.

In other words, the world is becoming ours, and that’s a good thing. For everyone.

But here’s what we have to remember: this is going to take action. We have to vote. We have to run for office. We have to get out of the house or apartment and actually do this stuff, whether that’s taking to the streets or registering voters or getting signatures for ballot measures or going to party meetings and political rallies.

Most importantly, we have to be positive–to show the world what America can be: not the nativist reactionary idiocy they see now, but instead the beacon of human rights, democracy, and opportunity we should be.

And we will–we will. But it means more than retweeting stuff in the darkness of our living rooms. Yes–do the social media, but more importantly, get out there. Meet real people in real life. Act.

If we do these things, we own this country. And then we can make it however we want it to be. With tremendous energy, hope, and shared humanity, we can take this country back.

It starts today. Make sure you’re registered to vote–and then make sure 10 of your friends are, and here’s what I mean about being real: actually make them show you and prove it.

And then we vote, en masse in 2018.

Today’s Nugget

Go back one to read yesterday’s on sleeping. It’s got a ton of great tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, which is what we’ll all need to take on Trump and the Republicans!


As always, thanks for reading! Cheers!


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