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So far I’ve had only one person write a guest blog, but as I’ve mentioned, the offer is on the table. If you’re interested, get in touch (for those who don’t know me, feel free to DM me on social media–Insta, Twitter, or FB–or sign up for the email newsletter and reply when I send the next one)!

Anyway, I thought I’d put out a few questions I’ve been pondering recently, given the state of our world these days. If you have a take, I’d love to hear it, whether a private conversation, on social media, or if it prompts a blog, send it my way. Without further adieu, here they are:

1) People are afraid of change, sometimes irrationally so—how then do we convince them change is necessary, or is that even possible? If we conclude that it is not possible, what does that mean for our own lives as well as our survival as a species?

2) We live in a time when identity plays a large role in how one is perceived by certain groups in society, and is often used to invoke fear or stoke hatred. Why is this happening now—or is this just human nature? Has it always happened? Can we rise above it and strive for equality for all people or are we destined to replay this scenario over and over?

3) Why can’t or don’t people apply their ethical principles/values across the spectrum of their beliefs or experience?

For example, most people agree in principle, with the freedom of speech—yet at Trump rallies the President gets huge applause when he talks about gagging or jailing journalists, while SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) often want to impose rules on what we can and can’t say (political correctness), and people are sometimes fired for offensive speech, whether in emails or posts on social media…

So it would appear that people don’t actually believe in the freedom of speech—they just say they do, then object when someone says something they don’t like or want to hear.

Why? And again, is this something we can change? If so, how? If not, then what?


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