Say Yes


Say Yes is Jeff Allen’s fierce new novel about addiction, modern love, fly fishing, and redemption. Look for it’s release June 15th!



When Bill Brown’s alcoholism finally lands him in the hospital, he’s greeted by a grim reality: he’s dying and in all likelihood has less than three months to live.

The funny thing is he doesn’t much care, and that doesn’t sit well with his precocious alpha nurse, Sarah Sorenson. As she gets to know her elderly patient, she discovers a hole in his life: no one, not a parent, wife, or friend—not even his only son—comes to visit this man.

Nevertheless and unknown to her at the time, Sarah does end up meeting Bill’s son at a karaoke bar, and decides to seduce him. A budding romance ensues, but as with all things in life, complications arise…

As the narrative unfolds the reader is transported on fly fishing trips to the Deschutes canyon and Cascade Lakes, seedy karaoke bars and famous Portland tap houses, and Bill’s memories as he journals about his life, reflecting on the nature of his disease, divorce, and where the relationship with his estranged son went wrong.

Through it all winds the life-cycle of the steelhead trout, a mysterious being and legendary symbol of the Pacific Northwest.

Set in Portland, OR, Jeff Allen’s second novel Say Yes explores alcoholism and the nature of addiction, the turbulent world of modern romance, love, and relationships, and whether we can transcend the inevitable scars left in life’s wake.

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