Jeff Allen is an independent author living in Portland, OR.

His first book, Cherry City Pulp, is darkly comic take on modern American society and what happens when coincidence and human frailty break the wrong way. It takes place in Oregon’s sleepy capitol, Salem, much of it at North Salem High School where Jeff taught English for several years.

He’s currently working on his new manuscript, Say Yes, a story about an alcoholic dying of liver cancer, his attempts to reconnect with his son, and the Portland nurse who manages to coax out his tragic story. He expects to release the novel in late summer or early fall of 2018—stay tuned for updates and the book release party!

When Jeff’s not writing fiction, reading, or blogging, he enjoys fly fishing, camping, skiing, and talking politics or philosophy with friends and family. He’s an advocate of the Ketogenic diet and getting better, which you can find more about in the health and wellness section of the blog, and he’s still searching for that special someone—you can read about his thoughts and experiences in the world of modern dating the Confess Manchild portion of the blog. For the rest of his thoughts, check out Rants and Raves, or sign up for the newsletter and get a free short story, which you can download on your phone or kindle!