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A shift in the content on chuckingrocks: moving on from manchild and other stuff…

When I first started writing about dating, my thought was that by accurately and thoughtfully analyzing the modern dating scene, I could help myself and others understand what was going on and what people can do to make this aspect of life a little easier to navigate.

To a large degree I accomplished that, hopefully with some humor at times, and surely a few cringeworthy moments and venting on what happens when shit goes wrong–I still can’t understand all the flaking and ghosting that happens (this happens to everyone and it blows), but it is what it is I guess.

However, at this point, I’ve decided to move on, which is why you may have noticed that most of the manchild posts are now marked private. Eventually, they’ll be gone entirely–I’m only saving them for notes. However, if you enjoyed or referred to them, the plan is to put all my knowledge about modern dating in an ebook which should be available for purchase sometime this fall (2019).

I won’t get into it too far, but writing, podcasting, and posting YouTube videos about your love life is a rather jarring thing to do, and even though I never got into the details about the women I’ve dated or too much specifics, there’s an exposure that comes with it I’m no longer comfortable airing to the larger world.

Along with that, I find that I no longer have a whole lot to say on the matter. I’ve found out what works for me, and at this point I am simply enjoying time with the women I meet, hoping that someday I’ll meet [special one] as corny as that sounds in this day and age of independence and non-monogamy.

More than that, however, writing about dating has taken me away from my true love and passion, which is writing fiction. And ultimately, that’s what this blog is: an author platform where you can read my thoughts on various topics, sample some short stories, and if you decide you like me enough, maybe you’ll buy a book or donate to the cause so I can keep writing high quality, contemporary fiction.

So what does this mean? It means I’m going to post more about stuff I do day to day: fly fishing and camping trips, thoughts on existentialism or just life in general, along with more short stories and maybe even a few of my favorite recipes.

Thank you for the ongoing support, and if you have any other comments, questions, or concerns, hit me up at

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