Woe to the Hypocrites and Dumb-Dumbs

The recent Republican debates have sure as hell been interesting.  If you haven’t seen any of them or at least heard some of the audio, you’re missing out.  It is absurdity at its finest, and the audiences are eating it up…because they’re the biggest fucking idiots in the world.

I’m sorry.  I usually don’t mention the whole hypocrisy issue, because I guess at this point I assume people know that Republicans are hypocrites, but perhaps that is a point that needs to be reinforced.  My question is: how long are regular Republican voters going to let themselves be made fools of by their politicians?

Let’s start with an easy one: Rick Perry is supposedly such a devout Christian that he can’t go more than about two sentences without mentioning “the living Christ.”  Yet, when the moderator at a recent debate asked Perry about executing more than 200 people while governing Texas, Perry dismissed the notion that this had ever caused him to lose sleep.  Worse, when the moderator mentioned the number of those executed, the death cult Republican crowd cheered wildly before Perry could even respond.  Nice.  I’m sure the victims and the families of the accused were honored—maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a hell of a leap, even if you do believe in the use of the death penalty, to celebrate public executions or death in general.

The Republican crowd did the same thing in one of the South Carolina debates when Newt answered a question about his infidelity by not answering it.  Instead, he shamed the moderator for even bringing the issue up, eliciting wild applause.  YES!  How dare that fucking liberal bastard press bring up adultery!

Or actually, the question should be this: why are Republican crowds cheering the fact that people have been put to death, while allowing a candidate a pass on answering a question about his infidelity?  I mean, I could understand if this was a Democrat debate, because they’re all godless communist, socialist, anarchist, fascist monsters…but these are good Christian people at these debates, right?  Right?

But the hypocrisy extends beyond religion.  I mean, what is the right wing’s bread and butter issue?  You got it: Obamacare (which this blog has established is automatically interpreted as “evil care” by conservatives….come to think of it, this is probably why they hate everything Obama does so much.  To be frank, I’m not sure how I’d feel about listening to the State of the Union Address by President Evil either…anyway).  You see, they hate Obamacare so much that they’re electing a presidential candidate that…as governor of Massachusetts enacted a medical insurance reform that formed the basis for Obamacare.  Dumb.  (See, and you thought I was being rash by calling them the biggest fucking idiots in the world…)

Number two on the list is usually that Obama is running up the debt like a teenage girl at the mall with daddy’s credit card.  But they didn’t say a word when Bush was in office starting wars, cutting taxes, and handing out fistfuls of cash to the pharmaceutical industry.  Principally, the only reason spending has gone up in the last few years is that Obama actually put all government spending on the books, rather than passing supplemental spending bills as Bush did to hide his financial ineptitude (by the way, a poll came out recently that showed a majority—like 53 or 54%—of Americans know that Bush is more to blame for both the economy and our nation’s debt—$6 trillion, btw, that Bush spent).

Oh, and Republicans are opposed to raising any taxes on the rich, cutting the military budget (which is at least 30% of all government spending, if not more), ending the war on drugs, or closing tax loopholes for the largest corporations.  So, they hate that we have a deficit, and they hate government spending, but they don’t want to really do anything about it either, except bitch and moan.

Then there’s the charge that Obama is a socialist, and that we’re now living in a socialist state.  What an absolute canard (Republican vocabulary interpreter: a fancy word for bullshit)!  The ONLY thing that has really changed about our government since 2008 is the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare, for those of you that don’t listen to anything but right wing talk), which is a capitalist’s solution for a problem that probably should be solved by socialism.  In fact, if one was to actually examine what the AHCA does, it increases involvement in the private health care insurance market, mandates that those companies compete for new clients, and that they must spend at least 80% of the money they take in from those they insure on actually providing medical care.  If that’s socialist, then so is every other industry that’s regulated in order to prevent them from raping consumers.  But then again, if Newt or Romney did it, Republicans would probably be for rape too, so maybe that’s a bad comparison.

OK, so what about abortion?  Surely the Republicans are correct on that, right?  Maybe, but even if we’re to assume that abortion is wrong, their position is morally…wait for it…hypocritical.  Massively so.  Because assuming that every pregnancy is carried through to birth, Republicans don’t want to do anything to help the mother or the child.  They want to cut WIC (which stands for women, infants, and children—guess what that government program does?), food stamps, heating oil assistance for the poor, welfare, schools, etc.  You name it, if there’s even a chance that a government program helps the people most likely to have abortions—namely, poor women—Republicans want it gone.

Moreover, philosophically Republicans are always screaming about freedom and liberty, but it seems that with abortion they want the government’s hands all over every uterus in the U.S. (and on marriage, collective bargaining, gun laws, education, etc.).  So as it stands, pardon me if I write off their piety on the issue as complete and utter bullshit.  Abortion’s a wedge issue that’s designed to get the idiots out to vote, and unfortunately, it works.

OK, last one, I’ll try to make this quick.  Foreign policy: last year Republicans blocked a treaty designed to secure loose nuclear arms in order to leverage another year of tax cuts for the rich.  Oh, and under Obama, we’ve gotten out of Iraq, we’re now number two in exports because of trade deals he’s negotiated, and he killed this guy named bin Laden.  Apparently that’s kind of a big deal.  Still, according to Romney, if we re-elect Obama, “Iran will get the bomb.  If you elect me, they won’t.”

Dumb.  And baseless.  But getting back to the whole issue of hypocrisy, this is why no decent, intelligent human will now vote for Republicans.  Because even if they’re concerned about the debt, Republican politicians certainly aren’t.  Because even if someone is sincerely a Christian, they know with certainty (remember, there is a qualification of being both decent and intelligent) that none of the Republican candidates are, and neither are their supporters.  Because if someone is truly a fiscal conservative, they can’t in good conscience vote for someone carrying the badge of a party that’s wrong about just about everything that has to do with the economy or monetary policy.  Finally, because even if someone hates the Affordable Health Care Act, it’d be one hell of a thing to vote for the guy that did the exact same thing in his state when he was governor.  Ultimately, the problem you have with trying to predict what a hypocrite will do, is that at its best it’s a crapshoot, and at its worst it’s immoral and criminal.

So what’s a dead red Republican to do?  Well, if they’re either decent or intelligent, they should demand better from their party, and this November, they should either vote for Obama, or not vote at all.  There’s a place for conservatism in the American political landscape, but what I hope Republican voters will realize, is that it has nothing to do with how their party now dysfunctions.

It’s laughable, because right-wingers fervently believe that liberalism is dying.  They passionately believe that Obama is just a hair less evil than Satan himself.  And they think they’re going to slaughter in 2012 the way they did in 2010.  If the fucking idiots have their way, maybe they’ll be right, but I’m going to bet that once the charade that is the Republican nomination process goes away and people really have to choose between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, Republicans are screwed.  The wise Krugman, on one of his recent blogs, succinctly explains why, “it goes as follows: to be a good Republican right now, you have to affirm your belief in things that any halfway intelligent politician can see are plainly false.  This leaves room for only two kinds of candidates: those who just aren’t smart and/or rational enough to understand the problem, and those who are completely cynical, willing to say anything to get ahead.”

And only a dumb-dumb is going to vote for them.

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