Why Republicans Shouldn’t Vote Republican

So President Obama came out this week to support gay marriage.  Good.  Is it a political risk?  Sure, but I don’t think anyone expected Obama to win the vote among bigots anyway.  Furthermore, are there that many people that would have voted for Obama prior to this announcement, but are so adamantly opposed to gay marriage that they will now vote for Romney or stay home?  My guess is that number is very small.

Of course, that being said, we should include those people in my coming tirade: why Republican voters should stay home and refuse to vote for Romney, or any Republican for that matter.  Because frankly, when it comes right down to it, Republicans are not only the enemies of Democrats, liberals, and progressives, they’re enemies of the Republican/conservative electorate, as well as their beliefs.

Let’s start with this simple fact: Mitt Romney is the biggest, most astounding liar of all time.  You couldn’t trust Mitt Romney if his life depended on telling the truth—he’d be dead in a day.  Now conservatives, is that the sort of man you want representing you in the White House:  a pathological lying robot-android that speaks French, keeps his money in the Cayman Islands and Swiss banks, passed health care reform in Massachusetts that formed as the model for Obamacare, and says that “corporations are people”?  Really?  That’s your boy?

Mitt Romney used to be pro-choice, but now he’s pro-life.  Mitt Romney believed in climate change, now he doesn’t.  Mitt Romney didn’t want the government to bail out the Detroit automakers, but now he’s running around claiming he saved America’s auto industry.  I could go on, but there’s no reason to—we’re all going to hear this stuff over and over and over come the general election.  I guess the question for conservatives is, do you really want this lying sack of horse manure to represent your party for the next four years (and yes, it will be only four)?  If so, it’s quite possible the Republican Party will never win another election again, because conservatives will have cemented in the minds of Americans aged 16 to 50, that when you elect a Republican, like Bush and Romney, you get a lying, incompetent fool of a human being, that is incapable of governing effectively.

Look, we all know you hate Obama, but if he’s President, at least you don’t have to take credit for him.  Can’t say the same for Romney—he’s your nominee—he’s your boy.  So be careful what you wish for, conservatives; if Romney gets into office, who knows what he’ll do.  The only thing we know for sure about him is this: he’ll lie…constantly.

How about those Republicans that are pro-life, that believe abortion is murder and should be made illegal.  Should they vote for Republicans?  Not if they want to prevent abortions from happening, and certainly not if they take seriously their position as “pro-life.”  Why?  Republicans have already cut billions of dollars from funding to support the poor, and their justification for these cuts: so that the military, which already receives well over $500 billion a year in funding, is spared any trimming.


Of course, that is just one vote.  In the last two years, since Republicans took over the house, they’ve made plenty of votes to the same effect.  Their passage of the Paul Ryan budget recently is by far the worst offender.  By cutting deeply into social programs, and shifting the tax burden onto the middle class, the Ryan budget is anything but pro-life.  Even the Catholic Bishops agree.


So, Pro-Life, anti-abortion advocates, do you want to increase the number of abortions exponentially?  If so, keep voting Republican.  Every time they cut food stamps and programs like WIC (women, infants, and children), Republicans make it more impossible for poor women to feed and care for their children.  The bottom line is that if poor women, the most vulnerable population when it comes to abortion, can’t get any help, they are much less likely to keep their baby, because they have no idea, thanks to the “pro-life” Republican Party, how they will feed that child.

So in the end, if you truly want to stop abortions, you shouldn’t vote for the Republican Party—they’re just using your compassion on this issue to get your vote, only to legislate in a way that not only devalues life, but increases the number of women likely to seek an abortion.  The simple fact is that voting for Republicans in 2012, based on their record, is neither pro-life, nor Christian.

How about those Republicans that are super concerned about the deficit and government spending?  They should vote for Mitt Romney, right?  Actually, no.  Both the Paul Ryan budget and Mitt Romney’s proposed budget would increase the deficit substantially, because they contain tax cuts on both incomes and dividends, which means lower revenues, and neither has proposed to close any loopholes or end corporate subsidies.

Moreover, they both seek to actually INCREASE military spending.  How are they going to pay for all of this?  Neither says, except to repeat the general trickle-down belief that tax cuts pay for themselves, which we know doesn’t work.  If they did, we wouldn’t be in a recession, and the deficit wouldn’t be where it is today.  Essentially, what Romney and Ryan are seeking to do is double down on the Bush tax cuts, while increasing military spending.  Even if they cut every single domestic program and gut Social Security and Medicare (as they’re proposing to do), they’d still have a hard time not running a deficit.  So, if you’re a Republican that likes to scream and whine about spending and the federal deficit, you certainly shouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney and the Republicans this fall.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the economy in general, read any of my previous posts on that topic—in short, Republicans want to practice austerity.  Want to look like Greece, Spain, or Ireland?  Vote for Republicans and that’s what you’ll get.

I could go on, but there’s a general theme to this, so I’m just going to end by abusing a Malcolm X speech:

“Republicans, you’ve been bamboozled—you’ve been had!  You’ve been run-around!  You’ve been run-amok.  You were brought here to be used as pawns in a game—NOT to make decisions.  You didn’t land on Grover Norquist, Grover Norquist landed on YOU!  You vote for politicians that lie to you, cheat on you smelling of cheap whiskey, and when they get caught red handed, they slap you around, shake you down, and ask you for favors.  WAKE UP BROTHERS!  WAKE UP SISTERS!  This isn’t what you signed up for.  This isn’t the water you volunteered to carry.  Stand up to the powers that be and tell them, no, you will not go along for the sake of the party, you won’t fall into lockstep like good little children, and, until they clean up their act, until they act like the real thing, YOU REFUSE TO VOTE REPUBLICAN!

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