Oregon Standoff: #WhiteTerroristsMatter

What the hell is going on in Eastern Oregon?

That question is for law enforcement, specifically. The FBI and the police. Just what the hell are you guys doing out there?

Not arresting criminals, apparently. Nope. According to MSNBC reporter Tony Dokoupil they’re just tailing them: to fancy restaurants, to the store to get more supplies–they’re letting them have big press conferences and generally running around doing whatever the hell they want, all while local schools are shut down and area residents fear for their safety…

Seriously law enforcement: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS DOING?

This is yet another clear reason #BlackLivesMatter is 100% legitimate. Because police don’t tail black people to restaurants if they’re suspected of a crime, oh no. It would seem, based on numerous examples within the last year, they shoot first and ask questions later.

Indeed, look at Tamir Rice, the twelve-year-old boy shot to death within three seconds of police arriving on the scene for playing with a toy gun. These men in Oregon–by definition, “terrorists”–are playing with real guns. They’ve made it plain they’re looking for a confrontation. Why was it OK for the police officer who shot Tamir to take that action (after all, he wasn’t indicted), while law enforcement in Oregon stands down in the face of blatant lawlessness?

According to the NBC reporter, it’s because they don’t want to provoke a response–don’t want to give the yahoos what they’re looking for…

So the implied message is that here in America, if you’re a black kid on a playground with a toy gun, it’s just fine if a police officer blows you away because you’re perceived as a “threat.” But if you’re an actual threat: a white fucking lunatic (did you see the guy under the tarp–yep, he was sitting under a blue tarp, on a lawn chair, with a gun in his lap… awesome) blatantly breaking the law, occupying federal property, a nuisance to the community–well then the police will just follow you around.

At a safe distance of course.

Look, I’m not saying this is the wrong response–it’s the right one. Law enforcement shouldn’t take anyone’s life unless absolutely necessary. But there’s a clear double standard here, and I’d also like to know exactly how long the police and FBI are willing to tolerate these idiots breaking the law and menacing the local community?

In any case, I don’t EVER want to hear any police officer or jackass conservative claim that cops should just start shooting if they feel threatened. Clearly, that’s not the case here in Oregon. And as for the grand juries and prosecutors who justify the actions of those who do, know this: your ass is going straight to hell.

Black Lives Matter.

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