What is Thy Bidding, My Master?

Rob Cornilles may be a reasonable man.  He may even be a progressive, independent Republican, cut from the same great cloth as previous Oregon Republicans, like Mark Hatfield or Tom McCall.  But there isn’t a chance I’ll vote for him, and if Oregonians are paying any attention, there’s no reason they should either.

That’s because we know what happens to Republicans when they get to Congress: they do what they’re told.  They tow the party line.  The vote in lockstep.  They have about as much independent, free thinking spirit as a dog that’s been brutally beaten everyday of its life, and people like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Grover Norquist hold their leashes.

This is, of course, why common sense measures like the jobs bill that would’ve given aid to ailing states so that they wouldn’t have to lay off teachers, police, and firemen, or the one that would’ve employed hundreds of thousands of construction workers to repair derelict bridges, roads, airports, and schools were voted down.  Because if there were any Republicans in the Senate that were free thinking, decent people, there would have been at least a few defections, and it’s likely the bill would have been debated and then passed.

But that isn’t the way the Republican party works anymore—they move with one voice, one mind, and one purpose: power.  Nothing else matters to them.

Is the Democratic party perfect?  No, certainly not.  Is there corruption and side dealing that goes on in both parties? Absolutely.  But the only party that has proposed ANY legislation in recent history that would benefit the average American are the Democrats.  In the meantime, the Republicans have used all of their political strength to serve the singular interests of their puppet masters: transnational corporations, the energy industry, and the fantastically rich.

It’s too bad for Rob Cornilles.  Like I said, he might be a really great guy, with good ideas, and every intention to vote independently.  But we can’t vote for him, because we know what happens to Republicans when they go to Washington: they do as they’re told.

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