Vote. It Matters

Just a quick reminder on why tomorrow matters…

On one side, we have the Republican Party, who believes the following fantasies:

A)   Climate change isn’t happening, even though 98% of scientists agree that it is, even though all 10 of the hottest years on record have occurred after 1998.

B)   The best way to help the economy is to give more money to rich people, even though we’ve done that and it hasn’t worked.

C)   That voter fraud is widespread, even though it’s exceedingly rare.

D)   That Obamacare is awful, even though it was originally a Republican idea, and even though it’s working, lowering costs and expanding insurance coverage to over 20 million Americans.

E)   That we shouldn’t build roads or any other kind of infrastructure in this country, even though the American Society of Civil Engineers gives us a D+ grade and doing so would immediately create millions of good paying jobs.

F)    That we shouldn’t cut the military budget, even though the $640 billion a year we spend is more than China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, Germany, Japan, and India’s budgets combined.

On the other hand, we have the Democratic Party, who has tried to pass middle-of-the-road legislation, such as:

A)   A higher federal minimum wage.

B)   Lower interest rates on student loans.

C)   Immigration reform.

D)   Pre-K education.

E)   An Amendment to say that money is not speech and corporations are not people.

F)   Universal background checks on guns so that criminals and terrorists can’t buy guns at guns shows or on the internet.

All of these pieces of legislation have been blocked by Republicans. No mention of compromise. No attempt to negotiate. Blocked. In most cases not even voted on.

But don’t they have some great plans if they take over the Senate? Nope. In fact, Republicans are currently proposing nothing that will help the lives of ordinary people. Nothing. And they haven’t passed any legislation that has helped ordinary people for the last 30 years. Republicans block good legislation, but have no plans to propose any of their own unless it helps rich people or large corporations.

Worse, the one thing we know Republicans will do is try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which is just about the only thing that’s actually gotten done in Washington for the last six years. They will vote to end “Obamacare”, even though it’s working and lowering the rise of health care spending at the same time, even though repealing it would take health insurance coverage away from at least 20 million Americans. If that happens, people will literally die as a result of people voting for Republicans.

This is all true. It is not some partisan game or someone’s version of what’s happening. This is reality.

If Republicans take over the Senate, nothing good is going to come of it. If, on the other hand, we elect Democrats, there’s a chance—at least a decent chance—that some of those common sense things I mentioned above get done in the next few years. And if things don’t get done, you can be certain it’s because Republicans represented the interests of the rich and large corporations over those of ordinary Americans and blocked it.

So please vote. Please vote for Democrats, third-party candidates, or Independents over their Republican opponents. Put aside all the bickering and distractions, and vote in your own best interests.

Vote. It matters.

About The Author: Jay Scott


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