Television News is F*#KING AWFUL on Politics

One simply does not get news from Cable TV. The lies are spread by more than just Fox. There is evil there that does not sleep, and the corporate execs are ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with speculation and gossip and sensationalism, the very moment it’s watched the mind is doomed.

Quoth Boromir, after watching NPR cut away in the middle of a powerful Cory Booker speech, even as he was uniting a fractious crowd with his powerful rhetoric, to allow some blustering fool to fear monger about ISIS, suggesting that terrorism aids, “the law and order candidate.” (Which we’re supposed to assume is Trump–and that’s credible why?)

That, apparently, is the state of journalism today—cut away from the ACTUAL EVENT YOU’RE THERE TO COVER in order to offer a pundit the chance to peddle baseless speculation.

It’s been that way all day. Constant talk about protesters at the Democratic Convention, speculation on how it would affect Hillary’s chances (though polls show 90% of Sanders supporters now support Hillary), and then a pivot to what a great job Trump has done and how great the Republican Convention was. That was MSNBC.

I didn’t bother with ABC or CBS or NBC or CNN or Fox, but I’m sure it was much of the same—actually at Fox I’m sure it was peppered with outrageous lies and racist/misogynistic undertones.

The point is the same: television news is a wasteland when it comes to reporting on politics. Actual issues, policies, ideas, etc., are simply never discussed. Instead they focus on speculative gossip, horserace coverage, and cliché, like the “post-convention bounce” or “seizing the narrative.” Most of us wonder how it’s possible for someone to be dumb/misinformed enough to vote for Trump? I think we have our answer: they get their political news on television.

I personally don’t know how these people sleep at night, but it would seem most of the journalists who cover politics are at least as immoral as the politicians they cover.

Anyhow, my personal recommendation: get your news by reading newspapers or blogs, listening to or DemocracyNow, watching CSPAN, but most of all…


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