An Open Letter to Donald Trump Supporters

Dear Donald Trump Supporters,

You’re fucking scary.

I’ll start with the low-hanging fruit, like this guy below.


And what might that be, you ask? It’s a jail cell a Trump supporter has built in the back of his truck. For what purpose? Well, here’s the tweet that accompanied the photo: “Florida we gonna landslide TRUMP….wear’n red at polls… We gonna be watch’n fer shenanigans…& haul ya away..”

That’s right. Apparently, you Trump supporters are all supposed to wear red on election day and patrol the polls, because your God, Donald, has convinced you the election is going to be stolen somehow (it’s not–he just said that because he’s losing badly).

That’s really fucking scary. To begin with, it’s not the first time a political movement has decided to all dress up in the same color for the purpose of intimidating and/or physically harming those who disagree with them.


But it’s even scarier to think about what might actually happen at polls on election day. It means that some of you, Trump supporters, will be at polling places, looking for what exactly–poll workers allowing people to vote? And who? Who’re the people Trump’s constantly demonizing? Let’s make a list: brown people who look like they speak Spanish (because their illegal immigrants, right?), Muslims, Hillary Clinton–and therefore her supporters, liberals, Democrats, and I’m forgetting another group… oh yeah: women.

So basically, everyone who isn’t a white man is suspect in your eyes, Trump supporter, and by God you’ll be at the polls wearing red shirts, quite possibly armed and hell, maybe you’ll even have a jail built in the back of your truck so you can haul away anyone who dares to speak Spanish while waiting in line to vote.

That is fucking horrific–and if it actually goes down that way–I guarantee that multiple innocent people are going to get assaulted and/or killed for trying to vote. Is that really the sort of country you want to live in, Trump supporter?

I hope not–and maybe some of you are thinking: hey, I’m not going to do that. I just happen to support Donald Trump because I want him to make America great again. Why is that so scary?

Let me tell you: it’s scary because even though Donald Trump lies everyday–about Clinton, illegal immigrants, Muslims, and just about anytime he uses statistics–you still support him. It’s scary because even though Donald Trump has, on multiple occasions, incited violence against protestors at his rallies, has asked Russia to spy on Hillary Clinton, has suggested that people with guns should kill her if she’s elected, and has been shown on multiple interviews not to understand the Constitution or a basic knowledge of foreign policy, you still support him. It’s scary because you don’t get that his basic message is racist, even though he continually calls Hispanic and Latino immigrants criminals, suggests Muslims ought to be banned from entering the United States and be placed under special surveillance, and is supported by the likes of David Duke and others in the White Nationalist movement. It means that either you don’t care about any of that enough to stop supporting him, or you don’t fucking get it.

That’s absolutely fucking terrifying.

That’s leaving aside the fact that you want this man, who openly lies about and disrespects foreign leaders and who has the thinnest of skins when it comes to insults, to be Commander in Chief with access to our nuclear arsenal. It’s also ignoring his position on climate change–which is that it’s a hoax–even though it’s increasingly clear that climate change is real and supremely dangerous. Just ask people in Baton Rouge.

All that, and you’re still supporting this guy? Really? A guy who hasn’t explained how he’s going to enact or fund any of his policies? A guy who’s tax plan will add trillions of dollars to the deficit you fuckers have been screaming about ever since we put a black man in the oval office? A guy who thinks we’re not competitive because wages are too high?

What. The. Fuck!

Look, the guy might have a point on our stupid trade policies, and he might have a point about government incompetence (although you might also want to examine just how hard the Republican Party has worked to make government incompetent), but holy fucking shit is this guy not qualified to be President.

Which is why, Trump supporter, you’re scaring the shit out of the rest of us.



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