Trumpcare fails, the Speakers wails, and WTF will they try next?

***If you’re conservative/Republican, you’d better scroll down and read this first.

Suck it BIG TIME Republicans. HA! Trumpcare went down the like piece of shit legislation it was. You know your bill is bad when it causes 26 million people–mostly poor–to lose healthcare, cuts $1 trillion for rich people, and you STILL can’t get Republicans to support it.

Yeah, sorry, I’m feeling a little salty today.

Because if we cut to the chase, this epic fail on the part of Trump, Paul Ryan, and the Republican Party shows–clearly–that they were lying all along. Right? I mean, if Obamacare was really so bad–the job-killing, death panel, death spiraling (notice the obsession with death) disaster they sold to dumb people who watch Fox News–wouldn’t they pass almost fucking anything to get rid of it? Or just repeal it and not even worry about a replacement?

They would. But Obamacare is not what they said it was, and they knew it all along, which is why they had to have some sort of replacement, because a straight repeal would’ve dumped a shit sandwich in the lap of the GOP and they would’ve paid the price in 2018 and worse in 2020. What’s crazy is that Trumpcare would’ve arguably been just as bad, but then at least they could go on lying to their base saying how great it was, that they kept their promise to repeal and replace the ACA, and a lot of those people are deranged enough to believe it.

Still, make no mistake: enough House Republicans knew that if they passed this bill a lot of them would lose their jobs, which is why they balked. Either that or they’re idiotic enough to believe they should pass something even more draconian–and I wouldn’t put that past them.

Anyway, here’s the secret: do you want to know why Republicans hate Obamacare so much? I’ll give you a hint: it has nothing to do with premiums, markets, or any of their false appeals to the masses. No, they don’t like Obamacare because it raised taxes on the very rich–it raised taxes on people who make their money in the stock market: think dividends and capital gains. AKA, it raised taxes on the people who donate big money to Republican campaigns.

That’s it. That’s why Republicans don’t like Obamacare. And if you want to look at their motivation for nearly every other position they take, it’s the same. They’re they party of the rich. The party of billionaires, plutocrats, and tycoons of industry. That’s God’s honest truth. Sorry jackass white dude from Oklahoma: they don’t give a fuck about you. For all Republicans care, you can die a long, slow, painful death. If it served their purposes they’d turn on the white working class in a heartbeat.

Oh, I suppose they might actually oppose abortion for real moral reasons. And the same might be said of guns. But I suspect both are also part of the GOP platform because they know a lot of Americans are basically single issue voters on those matters who’ll support them even if it’s plain they’re pawns of people like the Koch brothers.

Because single issue voters are idiots.

Has it dawned on the American public at large how dangerous this is: that we have a party in control of the federal government who’s leaders are totally unserious people motivated purely by appeasing the super-rich who are bribing them more or less directly by funding their campaigns–as well as their cover in the right wing media, which spins, twists, lies, and misdirects daily so that dumb white people still think the elephants actually care about them? Has it dawned yet on the press? Because that’s the state of play, and it’s bad.

Like guys, this is really, really fucking bad.

***I mean seriously. Because we can have an honest debate about the proper level of taxation, the size of government, or whether certain issues should be decided on a local, state, or federal level. And there are actual, real conservative ideas about how we could provide universal healthcare, or reform education to promote competition, or provide more incentives for people to get off of welfare and the social safety net. I’m sure there’d still be a lot of handwringing and disagreement, but those would be valuable conversations to have; if both parties in government were being intellectually honest and straightforward about what they believe and were willing to compromise and recognize when they were wrong, we’d be in great shape.

But that’s just not the case. Say what you want about Democrats, but any honest evaluation of their motives and actions will reveal that for the most part, they’re on the level. That’s not to say Dems are right on every issue–and because of our insane Supreme Court, money in politics is still a problem even for liberals. But still, in general, Democrats recognize reality, have a cogent and consistent philosophy about how to govern, and do so in a mostly honest and serious way.

The same simply cannot be said for Republicans. They’re either so far out there in the world of spin, misinformation, and lies conservative media have created over the past 30 years (read: dumb), or they’re cynical corrupt fucking assholes who know exactly what they’re doing and are happy to do it out of pure selfishness (Mitch the bitch McConnell comes to mind–btw, fuck you Kentucky).

Either way, it’s bad. Really bad.

I know, I know. I published a blog earlier saying I wasn’t going to write this sort of blog anymore. But fuck it, I couldn’t help myself.

Suck it big time Republicans. You’re fucking awful people, and I’m glad you got embarrassed today. Now please, please for the love of God, find your integrity.

Or get the fuck out of our government.

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    1Thank you. i enjoyed the ride These are truly insane people out of touch with the needs of our country.

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