Donald Trump CANNOT BE Our Next President

Donald Trump CANNOT BE our next President.

Every American who loves and cares about this country must ask the electors to select someone other than Donald Trump when their votes are cast on December 19th.

This isn’t about politics–it’s about character and competence. It’s about principle.

A man who will attack private citizens, civil rights, government agencies, the full faith and credit of our Republic–a man who will throw anyone or anything under the bus if it conflicts with his ego–is a direct threat to all we hold dear. He is not only a threat to every American citizen, but to every human being on the planet.

No one is safe.

Your job isn’t safe if Donald Trump doesn’t like your company or its mission–witness Boeing’s stock drop after their CEO had the gall to question our President-elect’s trade policy.

You aren’t safe if you disagree with him–witness the union rep for Carrier, the cast of Hamilton, or Saturday Night Live. Even if you agree with him, does anyone honestly think Donald Trump wouldn’t destroy the career or life of a supporter or fellow Republican if it suited his purpose?

Indeed, our basic institutions aren’t safe. Donald Trump has seen fit to attack and lie about the CIA, and has baselessly called into question the validity of our elections, spuriously charging that millions of people illegally voted.

Let’s be clear: truth, integrity, honor, decency—these things don’t matter to Donald Trump. He is a spoiled brat who will lie, whine, and throw fits if he doesn’t get his way.

Again, no one is safe. No one is beneath this man’s pettiness. Donald Trump would start a Twitter war with a six-year-old girl if she said or did something that made him look bad. The fact that I mean this in all seriousness—100% literally: no hyperbole whatsoever—speaks volumes about his unfitness for the office of President. He is the definition of a narcissistic, classless boor. He has no scruples. He has no restraint. He is so far beneath the office of President it’s embarrassing and harrowing.

It’s horrifying.

This isn’t about politics–it’s about character and competence. It’s about principle.

Is Donald Trump the sort of person we want commanding our military, with the power to use nuclear weapons at the drop of a hat?

Is Donald Trump the sort of man we want in charge of our economy, willing to level the stock market with a careless Tweet and to use the office of President for his own personal gain?

Is Donald Trump the sort of man we want as the leader of our society: a serial liar intolerant of dissent and dismissive of our basic rights and freedoms?

Is Donald Trump the sort of man we want at the head of our government, a tyrant who’ll debase and destroy our basic institutions—along with our basic faith in democracy—when it suits his narrow, selfish purposes?

The answer is clear.


And this is to say nothing of the fact that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Trump win, even as he’s surrounded himself with Russian allies and agents. And surprise, surprise, he just tapped a pro-Russian oil man to be our next Secretary of State.

If this man becomes our next President, millions if not billions of lives will be put in danger–and again, that’s not hyperbole. It’s a cold, level-headed assessment of what we know about the wreck of a human being about to become the most powerful person on the planet.

Please join me and millions of other Americans urging the electors to select someone other than Donald Trump for President when the Electoral College casts their votes on December 19th.

This isn’t about politics–it’s about character and competence. It’s about principle.

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  • Reply Richard

    Trump will make the USA great again. He’s a breath of fresh air. Be patient.

    • Reply Jay Scott

      How? By appointing billionaires to cabinet positions whose missions they’re opposed to? By cozying up to Russia? By taking away healthcare from 20+ million people and privatizing Medicare and Social Security? By attacking unions and expanding corporate welfare? How the hell is that going to help anyone but rich people?

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