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OK, I asked, and I received.  Here is the only Republican response I’ve received to the questions I asked recently.  I’ll post a response to this eventually, but for now, I’ll let you view it without biasing anyone with my viewpoint.  (Hint: the questions are in the next blog down)

I’ll answer the last one first: I wish dearly I made more than $1M a year, but I’m not even close. I own a small business and employee 14 people. I am not rich, yet the liberal belief is that I should be taxed more. I have zero understanding that anyone believe that any person should pay more than 38% of their earning in taxes. And yes, if I was taxed less, it would be much easier for me to grow my business and hire more people. You asked how lowering our debt would help the economy? If I was personally in debt and paying 40+% of my income just to pay the interest on my debt, I’d be in huge trouble. Our country cannot continue to spend more than it makes and sadly we have to pay for the past 40 yrs of horrible fiscal policy, both by dems and repubs. And yes, it is the fault of both parties. Our problem is not that the “rich” do not pay enough in taxes. The top 20% in our country pay 80% of the taxes, which is ridiculous. The problem is the 47% of Americans who pay no taxes. We have created an entitlement society where way too many people believe the deserve to be taken care of. America is about equal opportunity, not equal results. I have yet to hear an argument that makes any sense against a flat tax. Are you mad that huge corportions pay to little in taxes? Don’t be angry at them (OWS people) be angry at our tax code. We should have a flat tax on corportations (15%) with NO deductions. Flat tax on individuals (20%) with NO deductions. Your first $15,000 in income should be tax free, therefore helping those living in poverty. How do you think the legal lobby likes this idea? Our tax code is the size of 12 Bibles, and it should be one page in length. The fact that the liberal media (and yes, the vast majority of the media leans far left) keeps harping on how increasing taxes on the rich will help us pay down our debt is a joke. Not only would it be a drop in the bucket, but it would hurt the very people who are most responsible for creating jobs. How anyone feels that someone who works their tails off to build a company that creates jobs should be penalized for their success is beyond me. Take a man like Steve Jobs. His intelligence and vision created a company that gave 1000s of people high paying jobs. “Thanks Steve, and since you’ve done so well we want you to pay a much higher % in taxes!!” Finally, the liberal movement began gaining momentum in the 60s and has been chugging along for the last 40 yrs. How has it worked out for us? You are angry about the $1.5B spent on our wars in the Middle East? How about the many trillions that have been spend on our “war on poverty” over the past 25 yrs, (on so many wasteful gov’t programs) and yet we have the same % of people living in poverty now as we did when this “war” was declared. Our gov’t (yes, both dems and repubs) has been inept. You have your blinders on if you believe only one side is at fault. I recommend you read the book “Original Intent” and you’ll realize that our Founding Fathers would be horrified at the gov’t we have now. Obama promised change….well we certainly need it now!!

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    Can you please provide some more information about where the “If I was personally in debt and paying 40+% of my income just to pay the interest on my debt, I’d be in huge trouble.” comes from. Also where does the information about the “War on Poverty” come from? After looking online, it seems that most include anything that is provided by the government, such as education, social security, and medicare.

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