The Pretenders

That’s a picture of the emotional state of the Republican Party you see above.

I hope you read my recent post about what the two parties actually believe. If you haven’t, check it out–it’s completely unbiased and outlines the modern policy positions of Republicans vs. Democrats.

But I’m going to say here what I didn’t say there: I hate the Republican Party–you should too. And in no way, shape, or form is this a biased statement.

Hey wait, you might ask: isn’t strong emotion usually an indication of bias? Sure. But can’t hate be entirely rational?

Consider: if someone is chasing you with a gun and you know they’re trying to kill you, you’d hate them–it’d be completely irrational not to, right? I mean, this is a bad person trying to kill you; it goes beyond bias. It’s fact. They want to do something horrible, something evil–to you–and that’s that. It has nothing to do with bias. You hate them.

And so, I hate the Republican Party–you should too.

Because as I painstakingly detailed in the post about what our two parties actually believe, the Republican position on almost every issue makes people’s lives worse. Not worse like ideologically, or philosophically, but physically, like less money, less opportunity, a worse environment, a shorter life span. The only thing Republicans produce more of is misery.

Consider the recent victory of Republican Matt Bevin in Kentucky. His “fresh start” for the Bluegrass state will include revoking health insurance for 400,000 people. That’s bad. Some people will die as a result.

But remember, it’s no worse than what would happen nationally if Republicans had their way. Millions of people would lose the health care coverage they gained under Obamacare, a law that is costing less than projected and has slowed health care spending.

And no, there isn’t any grand replacement or cogent, comprehensive plan Republicans have waiting in the wings. The only actual suggestion they’ve made is that we allow insurance companies to cross state lines, which would actually result in a race to the bottom, wherein companies seek out states with the fewest regulations so that they could offer the worst possible coverage while earning the biggest profits. In other words, you’d end up paying more so that people who are already rich could get even richer.

That’s why I hate the Republican Party–you should too.

Consider student loans–a burden for 40 million Americans. Democrat Elizabeth Warren proposed a bill to cut interest rates on student loans (some as high as 10%), paying for it by asking those who make more than a million dollars a year to pay at least a 30% tax rate. No dice. Republicans blocked it, costing those 40 million, mostly low-income Americans hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year–people whose only crime was wanting to go to college.

That’s why I hate the Republican Party–you should too.

I mean think about it: this is a party whose allegiance to the NRA is their first concern when they hear about a gun massacre. The NRA: an organization who coined the term “Newtown effect“, as in, don’t worry, just give it some time–people will forget about the 20 elementary school children and six staff members who were systematically murdered by guns. Worse, some Republicans insist that this tragedy didn’t even occur–that it was a conspiracy conducted by the Obama administration as a catalyst to take away people’s guns.

This is a party whose grand idea, in the face of massive wealth and wage inequality, is to give massive tax cuts to the rich.

This is a party that actively tries to prevent people from voting–especially black people, or any other group who tends to vote for Democrats.

This is a party, speaking of black people, that consistently rejects the notion that African Americans have been unfair targets of police, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary–a party that accuses those seeking racial justice, organizations like #BlackLivesMatter, of being hate groups.

This is a party responsible for the Supreme Court decision that money is speech and corporations are people–and continues to support these ideas, benefiting from massive campaign donations by billionaires.

This is a party that says climate change doesn’t exist, or else says we can’t do anything about it–a party that denies not only science, but academic studies of any kind: economic, social, political, it doesn’t matter. Republicans deny anything politically inconvenient–anything that doesn’t fit in their narrative: facts be damned.

And now we’re getting to the real problem, which is this: the modern Republican Party is so corrupt, so warped by their own sheltered echo-chamber, that essentially, they’re pretending the world is as they see it.

Can’t answer debate questions? Assert media bias. Tax plans don’t add up? Yes they do. Get caught in a lie? Nope–that’s not a lie: how dare you say it is.

They’re pretending. Pretending. No different than little kids playing imaginary games on a playground. It’s all a big game to Republicans, their voters included. These are people who don’t like how the world is changing, don’t like the fact that their theories and beliefs don’t work, and so now, instead of admitting their mistake and trying to grow or learn from it, they’ve just decided to pretend.

But this isn’t pretend. My three-month-old son isn’t pretend. The children I teach, living in poverty, they aren’t pretend either. Perhaps it’s easy in the age of social media, internet, and television to think otherwise, but there’s a real world that actually exists and the decisions we make about how to govern this country really matter. The political decisions we make have real consequences that affect millions of lives everyday.

So look, Republican voter, I get it. You think the world’s coming apart at the seams because of whatever you see on Fox News or hear on Rush Limbaugh, whatever fear mongering tactic they’re using this week: Obama’s coming for our guns, we spend too much on poor people (we don’t), Ebola, ISIS, Iran, etc. And you think you can just ignore everything else because liberal media. But even in doing just that, you’re pretending–pretending that a world of information, a world of people–with hearts and minds just like you–don’t exist or matter. And that, frankly, is absurd.

They’re tricking you. Lying to you. And at some point, you’ve got to stop pretending, because until you do, the things you want to see in government: responsibility, efficiency, a simpler tax code, a better environment for any business that can’t afford to bribe politicians with lobbyists and campaign donations–they’re not going to happen with pretenders in power. The Republican Party you’re voting for doesn’t give a damn about you.

As for the rest of us… we’ve got to stop pretending too. We’ve got to stop pretending both parties are equally to blame for our problems, that one’s just as bad as the other. That’s garbage, and anyone with a brain knows it deep down.

Beyond that, we have to stop being cowards. Everyone who sees the dysfunction of the Republican Party needs to shout it from the rooftops. Forget polite society. Forget about whether you might offend someone–come to think of it, isn’t that very notion offensive? That you should have to avoid talking about real political issues because you’re friend or family member is acting like a child–because they’re pretending?

For the truth is that the modern Republican Party is a cancer on our country: eating away the lives of ordinary Americans for no better reason than to gain power. Whatever lie they have to tell, whoever they have to cheat, whatever law they have to break–they’ll do it to gain power, selling themselves to the highest bidder. And like a cancer, there is no purpose but to multiply, divide, and kill the host. Remember, they’re pretending–the real world no longer matters. Responding to the real concerns and problems of the American people no longer matters. Governing no longer matters. They’re pretending.

Are the Democrats perfect? No, of course not. They’re too often influenced by the money in politics Republicans sponsor. But at least they’re addressing real issues. At least they’re operating in reality. At least they’re trying to govern the country in a responsible way.

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to stop pretending. And it’s time to go ahead and tell the goddamn truth:

I hate the Republican Party–you should too.

About The Author: Jay Scott


  • Reply Kenton

    Powerful stuff. The Republican Party is trying to limit millions of women’s access to cancer screenings, contraception and, yes abortions by defunding planned parenthood. All while pretending it “found out” PP is perpetrating some for profit black market of fetus parts. All the while pretending that all children will be born into loving, financially able, emotionally capable homes, stable homes. And if not, oh well, you should be forced to have an unwanted child anyways. Because what, God’s plan? It makes the world awfully simple if you can always just pretend whatever you happen to believe is God’s irrefutable will. E.g. Being gay is unnatural and a sin against God, or think back 150 years it was God condones the slavery of blacks. Just awful.

  • Reply Denny

    To the author: I ran across an article you contributed here in 2013 concerning Dave Ramsey. I happened to be in the car today (January 13, 2016) in northern WI, and Dave was ranting on the radio to a small business employer concerning healthcare. I think Dave proved beyond a shadow of a doubt on this show exactly how Republican he is. He actually seemed to simply lose all self control and blurt out how little he thought of American workers and how they should worship the employers that ‘feed their families’! He went on to say how stupid Obamacare was and I believe he said it was even unethical, as if letting people die do to lack of care is somehow more ethical. He also as much as demanded the employer fire his employee whose wife had complained on Facebook that the company had just up and dropped the group health coverage. I just couldn’t believe what was coming out of this mans mouth.

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