The Death of Capitalism (Read: Republicans Are Going to Kill It)

Well, once again, the Republicans have decided that even though it was their campaign slogan in 2010, “jobs” really aren’t that important.  Again.

This time, it was the infrastructure portion of Obama’s jobs bill that was filibustered in the Senate.  Haha!  Suck it big time you lazy fucking construction workers!  No work for you!

So let’s see, thus far, Republicans officially hate: police, fire fighters, teachers, and now, construction workers.  Nice.  I like it.  Oh, but we’re all supposed to feel better about it because there are commercials on the radio with Senators telling us to spend our money at small businesses on Saturday, Nov. 26th.  Ironic isn’t it: Our Congress telling us to be proactive on jobs, and in the meantime filibustering “jobs” bills at their job?  Must be hard though, working 109 days a year as the Republican House has chosen to do.   Must be nice to work only 109 days a year and get paid $174,000 with full benefits.  This from the party who supposedly believes in hard work and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.  What a fucking joke.

Apparently the Republican formula is this: small business = good.  Public employees (people most likely to spend money on small businesses) = not worth paying to employ.  Dumb.  Just so fucking dumb, but in a nutshell, this is the Republican approach to the economy.  Everything done privately is good, and anything done publicly is bad—even if those activities support the private economy, as does the work of firefighters, police, teachers, and construction workers.

And by the way, construction workers aren’t really public employees.  They work for private companies that get government contracts, which is about as Republican as hating scientists…but alas, they’re now no better than those greedy, lazy teachers, sucking worthlessly of the teat of the government (read: Rush Limbaugh’s opinion of teachers).

If you’re shaking your head, it’s because this philosophy makes zero fucking sense.  But whatever, we already know that the Republicans are idiots, and worse, cynical, avaricious liars—the scary thing is what will happen to our economy if they continue to win public office, and continue to block common sense legislation that would make the economy better.

Capitalism will die.  Yes, you heard me.  It will.  Capitalism will be erased and replaced with a new economic system (that high pitched popping sound you just heard was George Will’s tiny head exploding).  History says so.

Why?  Because our society is already on the edge.  There is a reason why Occupy Wall St. exists, and it is because those people don’t have anything better to do with their time, and many of them don’t have anywhere else to go.  That’s the plain truth.  If they had jobs, access to upward mobility, and some semblance of hope that the people in charge of our country gave a damn about them, they wouldn’t be there.

Of course, the right wing media machine spins it, and makes the protesters out to be horrible people, which is what they always do: take the truth, pin it to the wall, and then run around screaming at it like a bunch of caged apes.  It’s a pretty horrifying strategy, but it works: if you hurl feces around long enough it doesn’t matter what the truth is anymore, because everything just fucking stinks.  And that’s a tragedy, because it prevents people from making the rational choices they should make about how they are governed, and it is leading us to a terrible end.

You see, the more we continue to cut taxes for the rich, disenfranchise voters, and continue to allow money to run our country, while at the same time eliminating jobs for teachers, construction workers, firefighters, and police, the more people will be out there in the Occupy movement.  And eventually, they’ll trade their signs for torches and pitchforks.

So Republicans, here’s the new math: your bullshit policies and/or inaction on the economy = more people who have nothing better to do than protest the rich assholes who have rigged the system against them (read: us).  See, this is what happens when a large group of people are cut off from access to basic life necessities (which is why Democrats have always fought for the social safety net), such as: a job, food, shelter, healthcare, education, etc.

So far, the protests have been fairly non-violent (unless you count Oakland police smashing a veteran in the face with a canister of tear gas).  Unfortunately, that will not be the case forever, and the longer Congress sits on its ass and does nothing, the more restless (read: violent like Pink when she doesn’t get her smack) people are going to become.  A person with a job, a roof over their head, a family they can take care of, and some hope for the future, is unlikely to riot or be incited into violence.  But Republican economic policies put all of that into question, and their willingness not only to sit on their hands and do nothing, but on top of it, to prevent any action to change our economic trajectory, is not only morally reprehensible, but is going to eventually be met by Karma, who as this blog has established, is a huge fuckin’ nasty ass bitch.

I guess my point is this: our economy is fixable, but that fix is going to require that our government act, and currently nothing is being done—on purpose by the Republican Weaselry.  And that “nothing,” that inaction, could eventually have huge consequences.

It’s not as if this hasn’t happened before.  If our politicians/rich (basically the same people at this point), choose not to do anything about the economic shit storm they are responsible for creating, they will be committing the same mistake monarchs made in the 17th and 18th centuries that led to things like the French Revolution, and the invention of the guillotine.

This is to say that when there is massive inequality, when people become so disenfranchised by an economic system, they eventually will say “fuck it, let’s get (read: kill) the motherfuckers (read: rich people) who are doing this to us out of their palaces, abolish the current system of governance, and rewrite the laws of society.”

Now, I don’t pretend to know what the next economic system will be, but I will say this (my father will be very pleased to hear this too): I prefer our system, and I’d just as soon avoid a violent revolution.  I would much rather see some changes made to correct the flaws of our current system, than have it completely erased and replaced by something else.

But unless the ruling class decides to (gasp) give up some power (read: stop being cock suckers like Jaworski), give up some money, and make things a little more fair for the average American, that is where we are headed.  My guess is that we have probably about 5 more years at most, before things are going to get very ugly—as a historian I can tell you, these things tend to go downhill pretty fast (Louis XVII would have probably have kept his head if he saw it coming)—and while the Occupy movement has maybe failed to clearly list it’s demands, it has done something very dangerous for those currently in power by clearly pointing out the problem: the corruption, hypocrisy, and malfeasance of our wealthiest citizens, who also, by the way, control many of our public officials (read: one party wholly and completely).

So here’s a new slogan I’d like to see this next election year: Save Capitalism—Vote for Democrats (read: except for that fucking traitor Ben Nelson).

About The Author: Jay Scott


  • Reply A bum

    This is without question the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. The premises lack reference to any tangible fact and the inclusion of cursing banter to express your personal distaste for the opposing view confirms you probably lack a real argument.

    Feel like I just turned “orange county choppers” on to learn about motorcycles and was subjected to staged drama.

    Weak sauce bro. The scary part is you’re a teacher. “Those who can’t”, right?

    Sorry for the anonymity…Don’t want to spend going back and forth. Respect the effort though!

  • Reply Danny

    If time is money you’ve made me a weaeihtlr woman.

  • Reply

    Brian,I don’t see them amnestying anyone. Their high $ contracts belong to players who are still top talents (Kobe, Pau, Bynum) and cutting ties with one of their mid-level contracts (Ron, Blake) don’t get them below the tax line (not to mention Ron still has value as a defender). So, ultimately, I don’t see them using it. But, they’d have through the life of this CBA to use it but can only do so on a player who was under contract with them when the CBA was agreed to.

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