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This is the official unveiling of the Action Party; obviously, this is the birth of the party, so I hope that readers (and future members) will join me in reforming the platform I am putting forth today.

This party is meant to be a centrist party that puts pressure on our political system to take action.  Action Party members must be pragmatic, reasonable, and ever willing to look at creative solutions to solve local, state, and/or federal problems, regardless of whether those ideas come from conservatives, liberals, or non-partisans.

In a time of unprecedented gridlock and inaction by our two political parties, the Action Party is a critical necessity.  Thus, here is our first slogan, and after it our first platform.

The Action Party: because Republicans don’t tell the truth, and Democrats are afraid of it.


The Action Party believes deeply in the freedom of American Citizens to make their own choices about how they live their lives.  We believe that it is not the role of any level of government to enforce societal, political, economic, religious, or other norms, with the obvious exception of laws necessary for public safety.

As a result of our beliefs about freedom, we renounce racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other form of discrimination against any person, or group of people, for any reason.

States Rights

The Action Party believes that beyond the protections guaranteed to citizens by the Constitution, states retain the right to govern their own affairs—especially when it comes to social/local issues.  The U.S. is simply too large a country for all its citizens to agree about everything.  Clearly, there is a huge divide between liberal and conservative beliefs in this country—why not let individual states reflect those differences?  Why not allow individual states the freedom to experiment with education, health care, job creation, welfare, etc.?  We are more likely to make progress on these fronts by taking a variety of approaches than passing lukewarm federal legislation, or getting no action at all because we’re so divided by ideological differences.  Eliminating burdensome federal laws, as well as looking at ways the federal government can support state’s rights, is a primary aim of the Action Party.

Anti-Corruption/True Representation

Action Party candidates will not take money or cooperate politically with corporations, unions, lobbying groups, political action committees, 504 corporations, etc.  Conservatives and liberals are both concerned and skeptical about the role of money in the electoral/political process, and as such, the Action Party will reject and refuse any contributions or efforts that could potentially compromise our pledge to represent ALL of our constituents, ALL of the time.

As such, the Action Party will always strive to reflect the will of their constituents and act in their best interests.  When possible, our party will conduct polls of constituents on particular pieces of legislation, and pledge to adhere to the choices of the majority of our citizens.

On this front, the Action Party will seek to immediately reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision with a constitutional amendment stating that artificial entities, such as corporations and unions, are not people, and that money is not speech.  An amendment reversing personhood for artificial entities and declaring that money is not speech, would allow Congress to regulate campaign spending, and guarantee that big businesses, lobby shops, and powerful unions couldn’t control the votes of our elected officials.  After all, there is already a powerful incentive for our government to be mindful of the fate of businesses: everyone wants a productive economy that creates jobs with good salaries and benefits.

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The Action Party believes that one of the most important functions of government is to provide an infrastructure that allows its businesses to thrive, and for its citizens to be more free.

Right now our economy is suffering, but even as we suffer, we have a Congress that is unwilling to invest in its own people.  To create 21st century jobs and a new, powerful American economy, we have to have an infrastructure that can support an advanced economy.  Growing a business always requires an investment of time and money, and in many ways, the U.S. economy is a business that is badly in need of investment.  Our bridges and roads need repair—in some cases they are structurally unsafe.  Likewise, our railways, ports, airports, electrical grid, etc., are all in need of repairs and upgrades.

Making an investment in these areas would not only benefit commerce in the long run, but it would also immediately create millions of good paying jobs for construction workers, engineers, architects, etc.  China, India, Brazil, and other countries are already making these sorts of investments in infrastructure, and the longer we wait to do the same, the further we will fall behind as a 21st century economy.


The Action Party believes that all U.S. citizens have the right to a comprehensive public education that will foster them with skills they need to contribute to a vibrant economy.

In addition to restoring and upgrading our infrastructure, we need to restore and upgrade our system of education.  School years should be lengthened, class sizes must be reduced to manageable sizes, and states need more freedom to experiment with different educational models to find out what works best for their citizens and students.  Furthermore, U.S. high schools need the resources to provide training for students that don’t want or don’t need to go to college.  There is no reason our schools should not train some students to enter trades such as auto repair, plumbing, construction, food service, hair care, etc.

Beyond our K-12 public schools, higher education in the U.S. must be affordable; the cost of a college diploma has to be reduced substantially, so that we can continue to train future generations of doctors, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc.  In this regard, the Action Party is also in favor of a one-time student loan jubilee, in which all student loans in the U.S. would be reduced by 50%, with interest rates on the remaining balance, whether private or public, reduced to no more than 2.5% over the rate of inflation.

As with infrastructure, taking these steps to reform and invest in our system of education would benefit the U.S. economy tremendously.  To begin, by investing in our public schools, we would create hundreds of thousands of job opportunities in the field of education for teachers, administrators, aids, bus drivers, and others employed by our public schools.  Additionally, by reducing the burden of student loans on recent college graduates, young people drowning in student loan debt can start buying cars, furniture, houses, etc., thereby stimulating the economy.  Best of all, reforming our system of education will supply our economy with the labor, intelligence, and talent we need to drive capitalism and innovation into the next century and beyond.

Economic Vibrancy and Sustainability

The Action Party believes in an economy that is both vibrant and sustainable.  Laws and regulations that inhibit commerce and business should be repealed.  Moreover, laws and regulations that govern local, state, federal, and international commerce should be based on common sense, and be simple to comply with.  The more free businesses and entrepreneurs are to be creative and successful, the more vibrant our economy will be.

In this sense, the Action Party also recognizes that our economy must be both stable and sustainable.  By this, we do not mean that we place the environment above the needs of the economy; what we mean is that the economy must not deplete or destroy the environment to the point where we run out of resources or ruin environmentally based economies.  After all, wilderness areas, national parks, clean rivers, and pristine mountains create economic opportunities as well (skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.); in this sense, the action party will seek to balance the sustainability of the environment with the resource needs of the economy.


The Action Party opposes the rise of monopolies and oligarchies.  Businesses that are too big to fail, or that control huge portions of their industries through mergers and acquisitions, are bad for capitalism.  They stifle innovation, rob the consumer of value, and force unhealthy government action; for example: taxpayer bailouts for failing businesses, special tax exemptions unavailable to competitors, or subsidies that distort and corrupt the free market.

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