Rich Lowry Needs His Brain Occupied

People are angry.

Good.  It’s about fucking time.

Occupy Wall Street has been a long time coming.  The banking industry represents everything wrong with how America works, and why our economy sucks: the highest salaries are paid to people that essentially figure out how to steal money or trick people, bonuses are not tied to actual job performance, no one actually makes anything real, and there are almost no regulations governing the industry because of massive lobbying efforts in Washington. Corruption and hypocrisy are commonplace, if not necessary.  Why on Wall Street, going on an all night coke binge to visit strip clubs and screw hookers is just good old fashioned entertainment.

So of course, we shouldn’t be surprised at all that their biggest cheerleaders are Republican politicians and pundits, who also somehow manage to claim, when its convenient (usually a few months before an election), to be all about morality, family values, and Christianity.  Pretty sure Jesus didn’t do coke, by the way.

But the fact that there are people protesting the slime balls on Wall Street who do, has people like Rich Lowry and the rest of the Cons throwing a massive temper tantrum, because, in the end, they know the protesters are right.  But that has never prevented them from doing what they do best, the two L’s: lying and labelling.

As a perfect example, Lowry’s latest column contains not a single fact.  Really it doesn’t—I counted.  Instead, as is typical right wing strategy, he throws a bunch of contrived labels at the protesters.  Apparently listening to Phish is a crime, and being “woolly headed” (code for black?) means that you can’t possibly have a cogent opinion.  According to Lowry, the protesters are merely having “a giant, ideologically charged, post-adolescent sleepover complete with face paint and pizza deliveries.”

Not surprising coming from a smug fuck wearing a cheesy 1980’s haircut, who’s in the middle of a career entirely based on mental prostitution.  What is really insulting is that Lowry’s articles are always full of terms that make him seem like he is really well educated; that he is engaged in deep, serious political thought, grounded in a historic and legally reverent background.  Pure bullshit.

For instance, in this latest column, he applies a word like “burghers” to Tea Partiers.  First of all, few people even know what that means—I’m sure his readers don’t—so using a term like that only shows how out of touch he is with reality.  Even so, he could at least use the term correctly.  A burgher is a member of the middle class.  The Tea Party is not a middle class movement.  Research has shown that they are generally richer and whiter than the average American.  And clearly they don’t share middle class concerns, like access to health care or education.

Using the term “burgher” makes the Tea Party sound as if they are well educated, thoughtful entrepreneurs representing the real concerns of ordinary upwardly mobile Americans—what I see on TV looks a lot more like a pack of gun toting rednecks that carry signs of Obama depicted as a witch doctor, don’t understand basic facts about the Constitution, and prefer faith to scientific fact.  Look, I’ll admit I’m arguing semantics here, but Lowry also uses an adjective as a noun in the article, and asserts that the American left is “in extremis,” a Latin term meaning near death.  Near death?  Really?  That might be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.  If we’re near death why the all out blitz to libel and slander Obama and Democratic values at every turn?  But I digress.

The truth is he uses Latin terms and obscure vocabulary so that people will actually think that there is some validity to what he is saying, when all it really amounts to is chucking dogshit at people who disagree with you because you’re being paid to do it, then masquerading around as if what you’ve done is elegant.

This, I guess, puts him on par with the rest of Wall Street and much of the mainstream media, who are throwing a nice little fit about the protests.  Luckily, for once, they’re having a damn hard time lying about the issue.  It is hard to broadcast content that discredits the Occupy protesters who are there to represent the 99% of Americans that don’t work on Wall St. or in the financial sector, because, well, that’s almost everyone.  If you attack the protesters, you’re attacking me, Wolf.

And it’s doubly hard to convince people to come to the poor little banker’s defense when everyone remembers how they destroyed our economy in 2008, and yet, have refused to use any of the money we bailed them out with to invest in this country.  Instead, they’ve invested overseas, or are sitting on billions of dollars in idle cash.

See, the great thing about the Occupy movement is that it forces you to choose sides: are you with the 99% of people who have no say in our government, who are victims of an economic system that’s been rigged against them?  Or are you with the 1% of people who get home from work and dive into a giant vault full of gold coins ala Scrooge McDuck?  Are you with teachers, firefighters, cops, engineers, construction workers, small business owners, and regular private employees from secretary on up?  Or are you for the banksters that want to charge you $5 a month to have a debt card so that you can use your own money?  Are you with young people who simply want to get an education and have access to economic opportunity?  Or are you with Paris Hilton?  Are you with middle and lower class citizens that have worked for 30 or 40 years and want to be able to retire with some dignity?  Or are you with the brokers that want to privatize Medicare and Social Security?

Unless you said yes to all the latter questions, you should thank the protesters.  They are speaking for you.

And if you see Rich Lowry, kick him in the balls.

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