Republicans on Immigration

Hey Republicans! Pissed off at Obama for what he did on immigration? Easy fix: pass a fucking bill through Congress, which you now control. Make anyone that’s not a full U.S. citizen an illegal resident and then make it a mandatory jail sentence of 10 years to hire those people.

Oh, but you won’t do that, will you, Republicans, because you want it both ways. You want businesses to be able to exploit illegal immigrant labor, avoiding pesky things like taxes or paying the minimum wage, but you also want to rile up the white racists that hate brown people, especially if they speak Spanish.

By the way, if the Democrats in the Senate filibuster the bill (which will probably never exist since Republicans only know how to obstruct progress and are utterly incapable of doing anything to help ordinary Americans), fucking suck it! We’ve been dealing with that for the past six years. Americans with student loans could be paying less interest, and we could’ve raised the minimum wage, taken away tax cuts for businesses who send jobs overseas, and had universal background checks on guns, but NOOOOOOOO, Republicans had to filibuster every single one.

Welcome to governing you assholes.

About The Author: Jay Scott


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