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Look, I know I post a lot of political stuff, and if you don’t read my blog or know me well it probably seems like I’m just an angry partisan yelling with the rest of them… but the bottom line is that I, like you, want to live a good life.

The problem is that it’s damned difficult these days—not because it has to be, or because it was always this way, or because our generation is somehow less capable or hardworking than previous generations. No, life is difficult because the game’s been rigged.

Our parents didn’t have to go into tens of thousands of dollars in debt to pay for college or grad school, and a lot of our grandparents didn’t even have to go to college to get a job that paid a middle class salary.

The cost of living has never been higher than it is now. The debt that we have to undertake to finance our lives has never been more pervasive. And while worker productivity—your labor—is more potent than ever, wages have been flat since the 1980’s.

I want to live a good life, but if all the profits keep flowing to the banks, if corporations continue to have the right to do whatever the hell they want—including buying politicians—it’s going to be limited. Not just for me, but for you too.

Think about it: you may have a good life now, but how long will it last if we continue to do nothing about climate change, continue to let our infrastructure—road, bridges, rail, airports, etc.—crumble without repair, continue to underfund our schools and make college students take on tens of thousands in debt to get a degree, and continue to see wages flat-line while our productivity continues to increase? What kind of life will that mean for you in 20 years? What kind of life will your kids have if that’s the case?

So look, I get it, Facebook is supposed to be a fun place where people can post pictures of their babies and vacations and parties and all kinds of other uplifting things, and in that sense, I apologize for being such a downer… but if we want to live a good life, we can’t spend all of our adult lives scrolling through photo posts of people having fun on social media.

So stay involved, informed, and engaged in what’s going on politically—it’s frustrating, trust me I know, but these problems won’t go away unless the vast majority of Americans are willing to take the time to invest and think about how we should govern this nation.

After all, that, Charlie Brown, is what democracy is all about.

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