Rants and Raves… Bias, Hot Lead, and the TPP

Facebook arguments… yes dear reader, I’ve been suckered in again. You see, I just can’t help myself, especially when I’ve got conservative friends who post Israeli propaganda from Benjamin “nuke ‘em all” Netanyahu.

So I point out that the Republicans who support Netanyahu’s world view are the same Republicans who warned us of WMD’s in Iraq, that the sanctions weren’t working, and told us of the spectacular democracy that was sure to flower in Mesopotamia if the U.S. military ousted Saddam Hussein. And then something funny happens. The conversation shuts down, and I’m accused of being “biased.”

Indeed, it seems that whenever I, or anyone for that matter, points out just how insane the Republican Party’s general philosophy has become, we’re accused of being biased. So let’s get something straight: if someone farts in an elevator, it isn’t biased to say it stinks. If a close talker has bad breath, it isn’t biased to breath through your mouth or offer them gum impolitely. And if a nervous dog shits on your lawn and its oblivious owner walks off without cleaning it up, it isn’t biased to yell at him like an old man from your porch. No, bias is when someone ignores the objective truth for selfish reasons, either because they want to believe something else, or because they benefit if others believe something else.

So when I point out that Republicans aren’t Christian, that isn’t biased: it’s the objective truth. Christ wasn’t an asshole who hated the poor, foamed at the mouth for war, scorned those in need of healthcare, and worshipped rich people. Sorry, but He wasn’t. And there’s no way anyone who’s not biased could read the New Testament and possibly come up with any other conclusion.

Along those lines, some good news. Recently, a YouTube video went viral in which an a member of the Tea Party admits that he might vote for Hillary, because he doesn’t trust the Republican Party, saying, “you know, the Republican Party, they haven’t done nothing for me, man. Nothing.” Now, of course, you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, but if you watch the clip, the man seems genuinely conflicted. In any case, what he states is the UNBIASED truth, which is that even if you hate gay people, love guns, and sound like a redneck, the Republican Party has DONE NOTHING for ordinary Americans in the past 20 or 30 years, and they’re not proposing to do anything for us now.

The best part is that he reaches this conclusion because of Obamacare, which has allowed him to retire, get a gym membership, and have a better life—he’s afraid that if Republicans get elected, they’ll repeal it and he’ll have to go back to work for another 15 years!

My hope is that we’ll see more of the same as the 2016 election approaches. See, at some point, the bias of modern conservatism has to become a monstrous burden, because like this guy realized, there are real consequences when people elect Republicans—and unless you’re filthy rich, they aren’t good.

Unfortunately, sometimes Democrats aren’t so good either. This week, my Senator, Ron Wyden (OR-D), and my Congressman, Earl Blumenauer (OR-D), wrote an op-ed in the Oregonian declaring their support for the TPP (trans pacific partnership). Fail. This is an awful agreement that generally places the interests of large, multinational corporations above those of workers or U.S. sovereignty. For example, if signed, the TPP would allow “foreign corporations to sue the United States government for actions that undermine their investment ‘expectations’ and hurt their business.” So I don’t know what Wyden, Blumenauer, or for that matter, Obama are thinking, but those guys have lost my vote forever. Of course it’s worth noting, not surprisingly, that most Republicans are all for this deal. Why? Because it places the needs of the few (rich, corporate campaign donor) over the needs of the many.

Well, that was one hell of a rant… hope you enjoyed it. Next blog will be “Tonight’s Word: Monarchy.”

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