PussyGate: How Republicans Ended Up With Trump

Well, it looks like Trump finally went too far, even for a lot of Republicans. See, when it was just Mexicans and Muslims and Black Lives Matter and Megan Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell, that was totally cool. But when a video surfaced in which the Republican nominee for President said he would “grab women by the pussy”–in this case, good looking white women–it was too much.

That in itself says a lot about the Republican Party and their base: that open racism, bigotry, and ignorance didn’t matter–at all–even to party leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, is pretty sad. But it’s also not surprising. Remember, as I’ve said multiple times: Republican politicians don’t care about anything but power and money. That’s it.

However, Republicans are probably still asking themselves: how the hell did we end up with Trump as our nominee? In a previous post, I focused on the role Conservative Media has played in normalizing racism, sexism, and conspiracy–core themes that have buoyed Trump’s success. But today I’d like to focus on actual Republican voters.

Because they’ve been idiots. That’s right, John Q. Republican, you’ve allowed yourself to be deluded into believing all kinds of things that just aren’t true, like Climate Change isn’t real or that Obamacare’s a disaster. And there’s really no excuse. Over the past 10-15 years, one of the chief things liberals have done is try to explain to conservatives that Fox News lies, Rush Limbaugh is a moron, and everyone from Hugh Hewitt to Micheal Savage to Alex Jones are nothing more than tin-foil-hat douchebags who for some horrifying reason, have access to a microphone.

I mean, think about what Republican voters actually believe to be true:

  1. Climate Change is a massive, worldwide conspiracy–a hoax–even though there’s visible, irrefutable evidence to the contrary. And you know, an assload of scientists.
  2. Putin, the dictator of Russia, is a better leader than Obama.
  3. Our military is in shambles, despite the fact that we spend $700 billion a year, more than the next eight nations combined.
  4. Gun laws are worthless because criminals will just break them, which inferentially means that any law that is broken isn’t worth having.
  5. We can cut taxes massively AND spend more on our military AND pay down the national debt.
  6. Four deaths in Benghazi = horrific governmental tragedy requiring more than two years of Congressional investigations. 5,000 deaths and 30,000 injured in Iraq War–a war we know for a fact was based on lies by the Bush Administration = meh.
  7. Rich people are the best, most virtuous humans in society. Poor people are awful immoral failures… but we’re still Christian.
  8. Every time a police officer kills a black person, even if that black person is unarmed and posing no threat to anyone, it’s totally cool.
  9. ISIS and terrorism = huge existential threat (total deaths in last decade: 71). Gun deaths = meh (total deaths: 301,797).
  10. Democrats want to abolish the Second Amendment.

I’m sorry, but if you believe any of the above, you’re an idiot. Logic, reason, common sense, math, paying some level of attention to the news–shit, even just doing a few basic google searches–any of those would have proven the above beliefs not only wrong, but pretty damn silly.

But John Q. Republican doesn’t give a shit. He’s a lazy, biased, boob who believes anything anyone tells him as long as it’s from a Republican politician or someone screaming angry shit about liberals on his radio. He has no idea what’s actually going on in the world, has no idea how government policy works, and even though he’ll claim he loves the Bible and the Constitution, he’s happy to endorse ideas–like banning Muslims or calling poor people “takers” or voting for someone who threatens to jail his political opponents if he wins–that fly directly in their face.

And hey, he’s gotten away with it for a hell of a long time. The problem with this intellectual dishonesty and laziness, however, is perfectly demonstrated by someone like Trump. Because as long as he tells the same stupid lies Republicans hear on Fox and the like, and as long as he hates the right people and says the same bigoted things about anyone who’s not white and Christian, they love him.

That’s bad.

But it also means that the kind of person most likely to succeed, especially in Republican primaries, is an awful human being–a person who has no qualms with lying, cheating, and playing upon people’s deepest fears and base emotions. It also means your party is going to attract a lot of awful human beings. Hillary’s statement about deplorables may have been deplorable, but if you’re of the same moral character as the person below, you’re probably voting for Trump.


It’s also why politics has become so horrifically contentious in our modern era. Because conservative Americans have bought into a version of the world that’s entirely fictitious. It just isn’t real. And so on the one hand, they believe there’s this massive conspiracy against them by liberals and the “liberal media”, because the world they inhabit looks nothing like the real world, and on the other hand, the world they inhabit is a really scary place: crime is on the rise (not true), the deficit has exploded under Obama (it’s been cut in half), the country is turning to socialism (HA!), and every day, hoards of Mexicans and ISIS fighters cross the boarder, bringing violence and death (actually, it’s most often a disenfranchised white teenage boy or a Christian nut who’s been radicalized by Conservative Media)–and liberals seem not to give one shit about any of it!

Of course, we liberals are stuck with the opposite problem: a bunch of delusional fools who somehow haven’t recognized the very simple truth that Trump is a pathological liar and one of the most disgusting human beings to ever run for political office.

So what’s the fix? The fix is this: Republican voters have to start holding their politicians accountable for telling the truth. If a Republican says Democrats are trying to eliminate the Second Amendment or that Climate Change is a liberal hoax, they should be booed, not applauded. And frankly, Republicans ought to stop watching Fox News or listening to carnival barkers like Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge, who recently declared Hurricane Matthew to be a liberal conspiracy. How about this: stick to one or two conspiracies at a time instead of swimming in a cess pool full of them?

The point is that it’s OK to be conservative, and there’s a legitimate argument to be made for a conservative, low-tax, small government approach to how we run the country. But for God’s sake people: let’s base it on reality!

It’s that or go down the Trump rabbit hole. Just be sure to cover your crotch.

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