Planned Parenthood Rant: Today’s Republican Party

Below is my response to the following Facebook post:

My friend: “The fiscally Conservative thing to do is to FUND Planned Parenthood.”

Next comment: “Wait do you mean to tell me that if we stop funding birth control for low income families that those low income families will then have more mouths to feed? Then the basic concept of social reproduction takes effect and those people born as a result are less likely to be able to support themselves?

My response: But this Republican Party doesn’t give a damn about anything but politics. They scream about the debt and the deficit, then put out tax plans that would hand trillions in tax revenue to the richest 0.1%.

They scream about welfare and Food Stamps, but don’t want workers to earn a living wage. They complain about teachers, denigrate higher education, rob schools of tax revenue, then turn around and say workers aren’t skilled enough to earn higher salaries.

This is a party that got us into Iraq–a complete fucking disaster–and argue that we should do it all over again in Iran. Gay marriage is wrong, freedom of religion is only for Christians, and affordable health care is somehow a job killer, they argue. Corporations are people. Money is speech. The black man in the oval office with a “D” next to his name is a communist Muslim who hates white people and America.

This is what they say quite literally.

And now we should shut down the government. Again. We should use the power of government in whatever way possible to skirt well, long decided precedent to rob women, their families, and doctors of the right to privacy, they say–WHILE AT THE SAME TIME arguing that we should not use any government power at all to regulate guns, pollution, Wall St., or big business.

This is a party, that essentially, doesn’t believe in anything logical, rational, reasonable, or philosophically consistent; instead they believe in tag lines, catchy slogans, and 15-second “gotcha” sound bites.

And they are perfectly willing to spin, mislead, lie, cheat, and extort to win. The evidence doesn’t matter—facts be damned—science is a hoax. As long as they can blame someone else, as long as they can point the finger of distraction, as long as they can make people angry, their hypocrisy goes unchallenged.

At the last CNN debate, Marco Rubio, the likely Republican nominee once the smoke clears, actually said we shouldn’t have laws, because criminals don’t follow them: “First of all, the only people that follow the law are law-abiding people. Criminals by definition ignore the law, so you can pass all the gun laws in the world, like the left wants. The criminals are going to ignore it because they are criminals.”

At that same debate, Jeb Bush said his brother kept us safe. What fucking channel was he watching? Nearly 3,000 people died on September 11th, 2001, eight months after his brother was sworn into office, the largest terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil. He had prior warning and did nothing.

From that point on, our country lurched from disaster to disaster. Trillions wasted on tax cuts. Trillions wasted on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nearly 7,000 dead U.S. soldiers. An utterly failed government response to hurricane Katrina. And on the way out, the worst economic collapse in decades, ruining the lives and finances of hundreds of millions of Americans.

That was keeping us safe, Jeb? Are you fucking serious?

But like I said, this is today’s Republican Party, whose current function is to throw our country into manufactured crisis after manufactured catastrophe, with policies designed for nothing but the benefit of the rich and powerful.

That’s the truth.

So it’s really no surprise that Republicans are trying to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization dedicated to providing healthcare to low income Americans—especially women—on the premise of a clearly doctored video meant to trick those gullible or craven enough to buy it. Never mind that so far, Planned Parenthood has been cleared of any wrongdoing in state after state. Again, the facts don’t matter. Neither does what’s best for ordinary Americans.

It’s disgusting, but until voters figure out that today’s Republican Party is a dangerous cancer on the well-being of this country, expect more of the same.

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