Parks Complainers Occupy Irrationality

If someone complains about Occupy ruining parks, and the money it will cost to fix them, ask them why they aren’t mad about the banks/Wall Street ruining the economy.  If it wasn’t such a serious flaw in logic, it would be laughable that there are people out there who are so pissed off about some damage to local parks, but silent when it comes to the systematic fleecing and destruction of our national economy.

After all, the reason Occupy exists is because bankers made a huge push to hand out loans to people that shouldn’t have qualified, and our economy tanked when everyone realized that A) their house wasn’t worth 15% more than it was two years ago, and B) all those mortgage backed bonds were basically not worth a duck’s fart in the wind.

The fact is, Wall St. is largely responsible for ruining our economy, and unlike the Americans who took bad loans, the brokers knew that what they were doing was wrong.  But they also knew that they would profit, and that at the end of the day, Bush would bail them out with our taxpayer money to the tune of $700 billion.  So for people to sit and chastise Occupy for a few hundred thousand dollars of park damages or police costs is asinine.  We should all remind them of how the financial industry ruined our economy, and that fact alone is the only reason Occupy even exists.

Don’t believe me—check out the article in Rolling Stone by Matt Taebi, the more recent one by Nicolas Kristof, or watch “Inside Job,” a documentary that pretty much lays out how badly we were cheated by Wall Street and the Big Banks.



(Link to “Inside Job” information site)

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