You should be upset right now. You should be outraged. We all should. Democrat or Republican, you should be outraged.

What’s funny is that so many of us are not?

Because one of our two major political parties has finally crossed the line; committed such a traitorous sin against our own country, we all should be outraged.

What’s scary is that so many of us are not?

Question is: what will it take? What will it take for us to walk away? What new moral low does a political party have to sink to in order for us to say: that’s it. That’s enough.

Because haven’t the Republicans just done it? Haven’t they? I mean, this week, 47 Republican Senators deliberately tried to sabotage U.S. foreign negotiations involving a nuclear weapons deal with Iran.

Mind you, this is just a tad over 10 years since our last Republican President, Mr. George W. Bush and his entire administration, led us into a war on the basis of allegations that were known to be untrue. Lies.

Come on now: haven’t we had enough? Do we really want to let the Republican Party manipulate our country into another war on the basis of nonsense—or worse, because they realize it’s the only way they can maintain power? And understand this: the war mongering hasn’t ended with the letter. It’s not even the latest example of Republicans banging the drumbeat to war with Iran.

Seriously. Do we really want to get into another unnecessary war? Haven’t we had enough of that?

No. No, the problem is, too many of us haven’t. We haven’t. Too many Americans will go blindly along with the Republicans, happily following their masters like pigs on the path to slaughter—fools too distracted by screaming on the radio and lies on Fox News to open their eyes and step into the light. And you know what, if you are one of those Americans, if the latest horrifically awful thing: 47 Republican Senators clearly violating U.S. law regarding negotiations with foreign governments (the Logan Act, on the books since 1799)—committing a felony—if that isn’t enough, then I don’t think anything ever will be. If you won’t walk away from the GOP now, chances are you’ll follow them anywhere, no matter how dark, dishonest, or dangerous.

But understand this: any Republican who won’t disavow their party over this outrage is a hypocrite and a charlatan, because if the roles were reversed—if the President was a Republican and 47 Democratic Senators sent such a letter, everyone on the Right would absolutely lose their minds and demand that the traitors be condemned if not prosecuted—as they should. The problem is that they won’t now because they’re so biased they’ll put their party before their country every time.

But for the rest of us, for those who normally stay on the sidelines, think of ourselves as independents, centrists, non-partisans; indeed, for anyone who is not a dyed-in-the-wool, crazy, rabid, blood-red Republican: YOU SHOULD BE OUTRAGED.


This is a party that has such a commitment to lying there’s an entire network of websites and fact checkers to call them on it. This is a party that REFUSES TO DO ANYTHING for ordinary Americans, not even things like lowering student loan interest rates, building infrastructure, or figuring out a way to help working people earn higher wages. A party that restricts voting—purposefully disenfranchising the elderly, poor, and students—despite no evidence that voting fraud is a problem; a party that has made massive efforts to block even the most straightforward, reasonable gun control laws, despite a rash of tragic mass shootings; a party whose Supreme Court Justices are almost totally without principle, allowing a flood of money into our elections (Citizens United) on the absurd basis that it wouldn’t increase corruption, or the appearance of corruption; a party that systematically denies science when it comes to global warming, attacks teachers whenever possible, and makes cuts to basic social services in order to secure tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires, and large, multinational corporations; a party that shuts down the government when it doesn’t get its way.

And now this. Now, the Republican Party’s leaders—47 Senators—have all but committed treason against the United States of America. Sure, technically we’re not at war with Iran—but we easily could be: WE’RE NEGOTIATING A NUCLEAR DEAL WITH THEM FOR GOD’S SAKE!

So for everyone sitting on the sidelines, who’d rather not talk about it, who shudders to talk about politics, who’s not paying attention (on purpose or not): when will you speak out? When? If not now, when?

When they declare war on liberals or Democrats? When they come for the illegal immigrants—or anyone that’s brown and speaks Spanish? When they howl for single school teacher’s emails to root around for dirty laundry? When?

Sure, those are extreme examples, but then again, 47 Senators in the Republican Party just jeopardized a nuclear deal with a dangerous country run by Muslim extremists. 47 Republican Senators just committed a felony against the United States of America… isn’t that extreme enough?

And so I continue to wonder: when will ordinary Americans speak out against a party that is so routinely destructive to our nation and its values? What will it take for those people who are silent now to say enough is enough and make their voices heard?

Honestly, it’s an easy conversation. Too extreme. The Republican Party is just too extreme. And you can choose your issue. I’d start with treason against the United States by 47 Republican Senators, but there’s also the government shutdown, the lies and unnecessary war in Iraq, the science denial on global warming, the attacks on women regarding rape and abortion, or the unwillingness to compromise on anything: gun laws, a minimum wage, health care, etc. The Republican Party’s too extreme to govern this country, and saying so is completely reasonable. Indeed, at this point, it’s unarguable.

And let me tell you something else: a lot of people treat me, my blog, and my opinions like a third rail. They find my tone and approach to be divisive, coarse, unpleasant. And they think to themselves: “there he goes again, spouting off, another inappropriate and offensive rant about how the Republican Party is ruining America, which is way over the top.”

But you know what? I’m not the one who’s acting inappropriately. I’m not the one who should be ashamed.

No. It’s the people who see what the Republican Party has become and say nothing. It’s the “moderate” Republicans that continue to vote for the GOP despite their party’s horrifying lurch into extremism. It’s the independents and cynics who ignore the obvious fact that the Republican Party can no longer govern this nation. It’s the cowards who don’t have the courage to make their views known, to challenge their friends, family, and neighbors who’ve been lied and manipulated into the blind rage that consumes people on right wing media. It’s the jackasses in the press that insist on casting every problem in Washington as if it’s equally the fault of both parties. Indeed, it’s every single American that does nothing in the face of the obvious cancer that is the Republican Party. They are the ones we should be offended by.

That’s the truth.

So please, say something. If you’ve been on the sidelines, now’s the time to stand up and say something. Because this just can’t continue.

You should be outraged. And your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers should know about it.

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  • Reply Kenton

    It’s the absolute truth that if roles were reversed Republicans would be screaming their heads off about the treason committed by the Democrats. And the Republicans do seem to want some sort of holy war with Iran. Look at Fox news calling on Christian leaders across the country to denounce Islam to their congregations, denouncing the White House for using the term “violent extremists” rather than, “Islamic terrorists” as they’d prefer. Fabricating stories that the White House refuses to denounce the kidnapping of Christians by ISIS, etc. Their narrative seems to be that the U.S. is a “Christian nation” with the moral imperative to wage war against an entire religion that it views as a threat. It’s ignorant as fuck and it’s fucking scary.
    As for the failure to compromise, imagine what it would be like if you worked in a job that was invested in the same adversarial system as our government. Imagine trying to solve business problems, which are relatively tame by comparison, by fighting every step of the way against the other departments and individuals in your company. Negotiating tooth and nail for every small agreement. Constantly blocking, posturing and making unreasonable demands against your co-workers. Accepting one point of view or solution as the ONLY way to approach a problem and ultimately refusing to work together or compromise to find any joint solution. The amount of wealth and potential profit companies would squander if they behaved this way would be absolutely staggering. I assert that we would no longer be anywhere close to the wealthiest nation in the world. The consequences for our quality of life would be catastrophic. And yet this is seemingly the way our government officials operate in plain view of all of us every day.
    Apathy and stupidity on the part of the citizens is the reason they can go on this way and I our media ABSOLUTELY fails to do their job. They fail to contextualize news in ways that would help many more people easily understand the cost of our governmental dysfunction. They fail to seek out and highlight corruption and underhanded dealings of our elected officials. The checks and balances that have been the strength of our government and enabled our way of life are seriously out of whack.

  • Reply Trans

    Stop look ahead dummies Hillary is going into the white house or will at least make a run. This is what the democrat party has become, corrupt 100% of the time but it’s just fine as long as you blame the system.

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