NFL Picks Week 12 — Trying to Decide if I Give a Shit Edition

Well, I’m apparently not very good at this… but I’ll soldier on anyway.

Last week, I only hit one of four: Carolina–my golden boys.

On the other games who knew? The Eagles suck (confirmed by a Thanksgiving blowout to the Lions), the Raiders were edged out by the aforementioned, suddenly fantastic, “Jim Bob” Cooter powered Lions, and Atlanta, apparently, doesn’t want to win anymore. Is Matt Ryan a worthy NFL quarterback? The last few weeks he’s looked anything but.

So, back down to .500 for what has been a really weird year in the NFL. Hell, it’s been a weird year for Vegas. More on that in next week’s column.

For today, since I’m apparently awful at picking NFL football games (or at least middling, mediocre, average),  we’ll keep it short. Like I said–a longer look at the league in Week 13.

The Picks:

St. Louis +9.5 — Cincinnati’s offense hasn’t looked good in recent games, and St. Louis has a strong D. Take the points.

Pittsburgh +5.5 — Yes, Seattle’s playing at home, but Pittsburgh is coming off a bye and Big Ben’s playing. Think the game could go either way, but Seattle’s defense isn’t what it used to be. Chances are it’s going to be close.

Minnesota +2.5 — Sensing a trend here? Minnesota’s a good team that’s going to want revenge, and Atlanta just isn’t that good. They’re at home, yes, but that didn’t matter last week against a pathetic Colts teams. Go Vikes!

Oakland -1.5 — The Raiders have to win this one. That didn’t matter last week when I picked the Eagles (playing Tampa), or the week before when I picked Baltimore (playing Jacksonville), but that notion can’t be wrong three times in a row, can it? Raider win because they’re season’s over if they don’t.

BTW — I picked Carolina earlier in my picks league, so I’m counting that.

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