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Republican Moronism–Why Privatization is Dangerous–Why We Need Universal Health Care

I heard a good point on the radio today, made by one of my favorite liberal hosts, Thom Hartmann.  He asked a caller, claiming GOP, whether he believed that we should have public police and fire.  The caller said yes.  Then Thom asked him if he believed that people should have the same protection we give private property.  Again, yes.  “OK, then,” Thom continued, “do you believe in universal health care?”


Shenanigans, you stupid right wing fuck!   I simply cannot fathom how conservatives can be so foolish.  It was funny to listen to because Thom walked the guy right through the logic, and the moron failed to see it—he stuck to his political view even though his own logic proved him wrong!  What a stupid, stupid fucking idiot!

But it brings up the larger point about privatization, and why it can be dangerous in certain industries.  I mean, can you imagine what our country would be like if we had private police forces, private fire fighters?

“Sir, we can put out this fire for $3,000, but only if we get to have sex with your beautiful daughters afterward.  If not, then it’ll cost you ten.”

“But I only have $30, and my daughters aren’t even in high school yet!”

“Well, that’s OK, tell you what, Phil over there is gay anyways, so if you’re willing to bend over and shout into a pillow, we’d be willing to put you on a payment plan…”

Anyone remember what a private police force is called?  Oh yeah, that’s right, the Mafia.  We all saw how that turned out for the bar owner in Goodfellas.

This is why allowing private corporations to have control of the medical industry is absurd.  Markets only work when you have what they call in economics, “voluntary exchange.”  This is when two people agree to exchange goods/services under voluntary terms—in other words, either party can back out.  Heart attacks aren’t exactly voluntary, nor is most medical care, and the kinds that are, like boob jobs and elective surgeries, usually aren’t covered by insurance anyway.

This is why the government should provide things like roads, rails, a military, schools, postal service, police, fire, and health care.  It is why electric companies and other municipalities are heavily regulated.  Why?  Because a government’s top goal is to serve its taxpayers and citizens, whereas a corporation’s top goal is to make a profit.  In some industries, like those I’ve mentioned, both the public at large and the private sector (business not being in favor of universal health care makes about as sense to me as an male in his 20’s that doesn’t want to get laid) have an overwhelming interest in being provided universal access to these basic services—which, contrary to what conservatives believe, can be most cheaply and efficiently provided by the government.

On top of that, we need rules, laws, and regulations to make sure that private industry operates in a way that is fair and safe for consumers, as well as to ensure market competition.  Finally, a democratic, capitalist society needs a system of justice to enforce these rules, and to penalize those who don’t operate within bounds of the law.

These are the basics, and while we can and should definitely argue about how to enact these concepts, these are the basics of running a decent and fair society.  What frightens me about modern day Republicans and Tea Partiers is that they want to abolish all of it.  They don’t accept the legitimacy of the government, to well…govern.



I keep hearing on the news that students aren’t prepared for college math or science, for reading or writing.  The number is usually like 50%.  And journalists report this as if it’s real news—as if it’s a problem.  Well I’ve got a different statistic that I can back up with hard data: about 1 in every 2 humans isn’t very smart.

That’s right, you heard me.  And about 1 in every 4 humans is dirt dumb.  Sorry, but that is the truth.  Half of all people are pretty smart, a quarter are smart enough to fool you, and the rest are pretty dumb.  Evidence?  Most reality TV is based around fat and/or strange people screaming and losing their tempers—and a lot of people love it.  Oh and while I’m on the subject, have you seen Teen Mom?  Those girls might be some of the dumbest humans ever to walk the earth.  Point is, there is an inverse relationship between the desire to watch freaks and one’s intelligence.

Also, I submit for your judgment: the South.  Let’s start with NASCAR—watching cars go around in a circle.  For four hours.  I don’t know about you, but when was 6 and I got my toy racetrack, I could play for about 15 minutes before moving on from boredom.  The South is also responsible for “Christians” who hate black people, don’t want to pay taxes, and loathe the poor—I’m sure Jesus would approve.  And given the fact that the whole region votes Republican, which is completely antithetical to their best interests, you are left with one of two options: they’re either craven and evil, or dumb.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Anyway, getting back to the college thing, it seems to me that only about 50-75% of all high school students should go to college in the first place, because it isn’t going to do the others any good.  Didn’t any of these reporters actually go to high school?  Don’t they remember the kids who did drugs, skipped class, or just didn’t have any academic abilities whatsoever?  Why the fuck should those people go to college?  Think of all the jobs that people can do without knowing British literature, art history, or how to do calculus.  Yes, we want the Smarts to go ahead and study math and science, to go to college, to discover, create, and invent—but we also need garbage men (who make more than I do), janitors, office clerks, firefighters, police officers, construction workers, etc.  I’m not saying the people that do those jobs are dumb—most of them aren’t—but I also don’t think the skills required to do them necessitate earning a college degree, and those are all good jobs.

Look, dumb people aren’t bad or evil—they’re just dumb, and if they could help it, they probably would.  The basis of the progressive philosophy is that we ought to take care of the least among us—they don’t need to have mansions or anything, but is it too much to ask that we find jobs for them, so that they can live decently, raise a family, and hell, drink beer and watch NASCAR on Sundays?  This is why the Democratic party, liberals, and progressives believe in programs like Social Security and Medicare, why we believe in public schooling, why we believe in affordable health care: we care about the dumbs.  Smarts can almost always take care of themselves.  Dumbs can’t.  So we ought to try to help them.  Pretty sure Jesus said something about that.


Conservatives Feel Sorry For…Corporations?  WTF!

I’m sick and fucking tired of this conservative idea that we should feel sorry for corporations, or the rich.  We now have nearly all of the GOP presidential candidates stating that, hey, corporations are people too, and we apparently have to be careful about hurting their poor little feelings, lest they start whining like 3 year-olds.

Look, feeling sorry for corporations and the rich is like feeling sorry for the girl with the biggest tits in high school because all the boys want to date her.  Fucking deal with it Dolly.  Look, I pity the disabled, the poor, and people with downs syndrome, or other forms of disability.  I feel sorry for the victims of tragedies like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and natural disasters.  I feel sorry for African women who are raped, and whose children are killed right in front of them because they had the misfortune to be born on a corrupt continent.  There are lots of problems in the world and people to feel sorry for, so why Republicans feel the need to feel bad for wealthy people and corporations is downright bizarre.

The truth is, corporations are not people.  They are run by people, for profit.  That’s it.  A corporation does not need the freedom of speech.  If the people that work for that corporation would like to use their voices to speak, then they’re certainly entitled to, but allowing the corporation to speak under the veil of the First Amendment is not only absurd, it’s dangerous, because you end up with a situation where that freedom becomes a part of the profit motive.  In other words, why work to become more efficient and productive, why follow rules and regulations, why pay taxes when you can just use part of your profits to buy political office, knowing full well that your chosen candidate is going to basically owe you a life debt?  Short answer: you don’t, and this is exactly what is happening in this country.  What it amounts to is corporations directing public policy rather than our office holders—and need I remind you that most corporations don’t just operate in the U.S., and that people from other countries sit on their boards of directors?  Maybe it is just me, but I don’t think foreigners should have the freedom to influence our elections.  Unfortunately, the Supreme Court, backed by Bush’s traitorous appointees, does.

What I don’t understand is why Republicans are so in favor of this kind of political corruption?  Oh right, I forgot, they’re already bought and paid for.

Oh, by the way, if you think that corporations should not be legally considered people by our court system, go to this site and sign the petition:

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