The Objective Middle is Dead: You are a Xenophobic Nationalist, or a Secular Rationalist

We’re entering into a time in which it’s no longer possible to sit on the fence, or pretend there’s some middle ground between two warring armies.

You are either on the side of the xenophobic nationalist: Trump, Putin, and Europe’s Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Matteo Salvini, and Frauke Petry…

Or you are on the side of secular rationalism: Obama, Clinton, Sanders, and Europe’s Merkel, Hollande, and Corbyn.

To be fair, the views of these particular leaders vary somewhat, but the general bent of their beliefs doesn’t.

Xenophobic nationalists are prone to racism, bigotry, bullying, and bravado, using populist catchphrases and making broad, sweeping pronouncements to promote their polices, placing little worth on the value of government or government institutions.

Secular rationalists, on the other hand, use science, reason, and data to form policy positions, consider dissenting opinions, and above all, place great worth on the value of government and its institutions.

Moreover, xenophobic nationalists view facts as transient–opinions that can be molded and conformed to one’s views if convenient; disregarded if inconvenient. And in their place: alternative facts.

But as facts, reason, and data are the very pillars with which a secular rationalist builds their world view, they are immutable and deserve respect, because indeed, one cannot wish reality away, or pretend, over time, that it doesn’t exist.

Problem is, there’s no middle ground. No fence to sit on. No objective seat from which to watch the carnage.

Sure, news organizations for the most part accurately report what’s going on, but the xenophobic nationalists don’t believe them, because they have their own alternative facts (and their own alternative media), so what the mainstream media says only matters to those who care about actual facts, data, and expertise. Which, by default, means they’re on the side of the secular rationalists.

That’s how the XN’s see it anyway.

So, I guess it’d be nice if everyone would stop fucking pretending that there’s this reasonable middle ground, or that people like me who are willing to tell it like it is are just bitter partisans. Maybe some of them are. But I’m not.

The truth is: you either hate people who are different than you and want to punish them and use government to codify a wall around the majority race/religion of your country, or you want to use science, facts, reason, and data to make the best decisions, while respecting everyone’s right to live and be free.

It’s one or the other.

Now choose.

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