Ladies, you might want to sit down to hear this…

Calling all females!  Calling all females!  Calling all women, girls, dames, ladies, and females!  Strange old men are obsessed with putting their hands all over your body!

You probably knew that already though, right?  Actually, the hands of which I speak are not the groping paws of sexual addicts, but rather, hands busy writing bills and passing legislation that seek to control the freedom, sexuality, and reproductive health of every single red-blooded American woman.

That’s right, in a lurch back to the Victorian era, Republicans all over the country are passing bills in the name of “religious freedom” targeted specifically at controlling what women and their doctors can, and cannot do with their bodies.  Apparently, conservatives have decided that the right for evangelical Christians and Catholic Bishops not to be offended by the behavior of women they don’t even know is so incredibly sacred, that it usurps the rights of all women and their doctors to make independent decisions about everything from their sexuality to their bodies and reproductive choices.  In other words, Republicans have become the “Thought Police” in reverse.  So much for freedom and liberty.

So ladies, consider this an official warning that if you so much as cause a Republican to think about the fact you have a vagina, you might be breaking the law.  Hell, in Arizona, you could lose your job.

Yep.  Arizona legislators just passed a law that allows employers to ask female employees if they’re using birth control, and if so, they need to have a doctor’s note to confirm that it is for medical reasons, like ovarian cysts or regulation of the female cycle.  However, if you’re just using contraception because you don’t want to get pregnant and you’re sexually active, sorry miss, but you can lose your job.  Seriously, if the employer morally objects to the use of contraception, they can fire women that work for them who do.  Hey, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind your former employer now enjoys.  If you don’t believe me, check out the link below:

Under this law, a married, Christian, pro-life woman with four children that simply wanted to have sex with her husband without becoming pregnant, could be fired from her job for using birth control.  Even if she was a Republican…GASP!

I’m sorry, but when did employing someone give the employer the right to completely control their lives?  I thought we got rid of slavery over a century and a half ago?  Of course, the way things are going, maybe Republicans will decide to add slavery to their platform as well; we all know that the majority of Southern whites would be all for it, and they are the most stalwart Republicans you’ll find anywhere.

Oh, and by the way, since it would be a similar violation of religious belief, can a Muslim employer fire women who don’t wear a burka?  Why aren’t conservatives fighting for their religious freedoms?  Seriously, it’s ironic that Republicans are so paranoid about Islam, because in terms of oppressing women, they’re giving Muslims everywhere a hell of a run for their money.

Anyway, I think that women everywhere at least ought to know what the Republican party has in store for them: a sexless life where the government gets to stick its nose into every single health and reproductive decision they make.  I mean, think about it this way: Republicans are basically against sex.  And vaginas.

Ladies, make your political choices accordingly.

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