How the Mainstream Media Provides Cover for Republicans

A few weeks ago on “Face the Nation”, Bob Scheiffer said something that, on its face, seemed innocuous—even innocent. But after I thought about it for a second, it revealed itself as something troubling.

And then, as something dangerous.

He said: “Let me ask you this question. I mean the—the polls do show six in ten Americans do favor gay marriage now. But regardless of what you may think of Tony Perkins and his group there are some very sincere, thoughtful people that are on both sides of this issue. What do you say– what is your message to the four in ten who do not favor gay marriage?”

That middle sentence—that’s the one that’s troubling.

Because it’s not true. The “thoughtful” people on this issue have no problem with gay marriage. They’re the six in ten. The other four may be sincere, but they’re certainly not thoughtful.

See, if they were thoughtful, they’d quickly realized gay marriage doesn’t affect them negatively in anyway and stop caring. Moreover, a thoughtful person understands that freedom ceases to exist if it’s contingent on following rules that don’t apply equally to everyone; in other words, reasonable, intelligent, “thoughtful” people understand and practice the golden rule—treat others as you’d like to be treated. Live and let live.

So, let’s call the four in ten Americans who disagree with gay marriage what they are: bigoted, blinded by their dogmatic allegiance to what passes for religious beliefs, and/or downright ignorant. They believe the world should be ruled by whatever arbitrary morals happen to fit their world view at the time—a world view that has likely been warped by some sort of combination of personal bias, misinformation, and emotional overreaction.

But this isn’t just true of gay marriage—it’s true on almost every issue. No thoughtful person thinks we shouldn’t have reasonable restrictions on guns, such as universal background checks. No thoughtful person thinks trickle-down economics—or cutting taxes for the rich—is going to help the economy. No thoughtful person thinks global warming is a hoax. And no thoughtful person thinks U.S. Senators from one party should intentionally sabotage foreign relations with another country. No, the people who believe those things aren’t thoughtful. They’re idiots. Because time and again, those beliefs have been proven wrong, either factually, or by the arc of human progress—the very ideals of freedom, fairness, and justice that our country ought to stand for.

And that’s what I can’t stand about the way the media treats politics. They go out of their way, as Scheiffer did with gay marriage, to validate positions that are invalid. Almost always in defense of conservative beliefs.

I mean, has it occurred to anyone else that the entire Republican Party apparatus—it’s politicians, donors, voters, media, etc. is one giant scam? I can’t even think of one major policy position the GOP currently holds that is rational:

More tax cuts for the rich. Wrong.

Refusing to invest in infrastructure. Wrong.

Bomb Iran and send troops to fight ISIS. Wrong.

No background checks or other reasonable gun restrictions. Wrong.

Ignore climate change. Wrong.

No campaign limits on spending. Wrong.

Passing the TPP. Wrong.

More restrictions on voting. Wrong…

No one wants this stuff that’s not an idiot, getting paid, or a rich person who’s paying others to create idiots. Shame on the media for giving them cover.

About The Author: Jay Scott


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