He’s got plans folks…oh so many plans

OK, so last night I went to bed believing Mitt Romney had won the debate and I have to admit, I was nervous—swing voters are fickle, and the perception of a win for Romney could sway the polls as much as 2 or 3%.  But when I woke up, I realized what I knew in my heart all of last night while I was watching: Mitt Romney lied about nearly everything he said, and he’s never going to get away with it; that or his smoke and mirrors policy making.  So what did we learn last night:

For one, Romney’s got an answer for every single problem facing the United States—he’s got plans, you see, and his plans—which he’s keeping super secret (and no one knows why, if they’re so damn fantastic, or perhaps, “it’s too good for the American People” as Obama suggested during the debate)—are amazing.  They’re actually magical.  I mean come on people, we’re talking about plans that allow Romney to massively cut taxes and increase military spending without increasing the deficit, a plan that creates 12 million jobs while severely cutting domestic spending—including funding for PBS, and a plan that repeals and replaces Obamacare and Dodd-Frank with other much, much better, for lack of a better word, plans.

Now, if you actually believe all of that, I’ve got a plan too—simply send all your paychecks to me for one year—only one year mind you—and I’ll make us all millionaires (see my address at the bottom).  How you ask?  Don’t even worry about that.  Just send me that money.  I already told you, I’ve got a plan.

Of course, you’d be right to say that this plan sounds a little fishy, and I’m not holding my breath for the checks; however, in a kind of twisted way, this is exactly what Mitt Romney asked us to do in this first debate: make me president, give me your hard earned taxpayer dollars, and everything’s going to be wonderful again.  All the wrongs will be put right.  All our problems will be laid to rest.  Never mind how I’m actually going to do it. Never mind the details.  I’ve got plans.

In a nutshell, this was his narrative, along with a lot of numbers and figures that strayed from the truth more than a little, and a general mischaracterization of anything and everything that’s happened during Obama’s first term as President.  If you’re interested, here’s a list of the lies: Obama cut $716 billion from Medicare.  Obama doubled the debt. Obamacare’s run by an unelected board that’s going to make healthcare decisions for the average citizen.  Half of the “green” energy companies the government gave loans to under Obama failed.  Raising taxes on those that earn incomes over $250,000 would hurt small business.  There are still other claims that Mitt Romney made about his “plans” that are lies as well, but hopefully you get the point: He lied an awful lot about almost everything (seriously, check out the hyperlink—it’s amazing how inaccurate last night’s 90 minutes were).  On a side note: one pundit even noted that Romney basically admitted that he had shipped jobs overseas.

So that’s it really: lie about your opponent’s record, and then promise the American people you can fix everything…why?  Because you’ve got plans—all kinds of them—plans that no one has seen, change everyday, escape the laws of conventional mathematics, and evade the calculations of honest economists.  But BAM—it works! The media declares you the instant debate winner, and some even claim it’s a knockout.

That is until you realize what it was that you saw, and that is one man—our President—making an honest case about what we can to do face our challenges, noting it’s going to require sacrifices for some, as well as investments in our infrastructure and our people. On the other side of the stage, we saw a Republican candidate for president that has so little respect for the American people that he saw fit to lie to them, repeatedly, and in addition, insisted that he has secret plans here-to-fore unmentioned, that will solve all of our problems, requiring no sacrifice from anyone, nor any investment of any kind in our nation or its people.

Frankly, if that’s winning, I’m glad Obama lost.

Oh, you can make the checks out to:

U. R. Asucker

P.O. Box 1000 Times Over

Georgetown, Cayman Islands

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