Gun Advocates are Murderers: Fact.

So, let me just put it out there straight.  If you disagree with reasonable gun regulations, like banning assault weapons, restricting clip sizes, and/or making gun users go through the same kind of process car users do to obtain a license to legally drive, you are a murderer.  You are a murderer if you prefer unrestricted weapons rights to the lives of 20 innocent kids, and hundreds of thousand more before them.  A murderer.

Here’s why: the people that advocate for gun “rights” in this case, are GUARANTEEING that more people will die than would if we had reasonable restrictions on guns and ammunition.  It is a guarantee—go look at any other civilized nation’s laws and gun related deaths.  More people will die because of efforts by these people to stall reasonable gun regulations.  In other words, gun advocates are deliberately killing people by their actions, and that is murder—there is no other word for it.

So, I’m sorry, gun nut, you don’t get a pass.  Gun advocates are murderers, and they will eventually be thought of the same way we think of racists, misogynists (women haters for the Republicans out there that don’t understand fancy words), and Nazis, if not worse.  It is absolutely disgusting to see people out there arguing that little kids should be killed so that some fucking idiot-asshole can shoot off 60 uninterrupted rounds on an automatic weapon in a deserted Missouri cornfield.  These people are murderers, and if we’re honest, there really is no difference.  They are deliberately making sure that other people are killed.  That is murder.

The only answer is to shun these people.  Tell them that what they are doing is murder, and then refuse to acknowledge them as human beings, just as we would with anyone who is in the process of committing a heinous crime.

Sorry, but this is the truth.  Gun advocates are murderers.  They are awful, disgusting, and reprehensible people that don’t deserve to draw another breath, and are going straight to Hell when they die.  That is the truth.  If you disagree, you are a murderer.

About The Author: Jay Scott


  • Reply duct tape

    I’d like to use freaking duck tape to tape your mouth shut. Who let you out of the loony bin?

    • Reply Rick Allen

      Well that’s a rational response. How about a well-thought out counterpoint? Oh I didn’t think so.

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