Facebook Conversation and a Challenge

Hey, this is the final response to a conservative friend on Facebook…thought it was a good summation of what progressives stand for, and I’d love to have a dialogue with Republicans about their policy positions–if you know of anyone, send them this challenge and let’s have at it:

In any case, I’ve given up on trying to convince Republicans to change their mind.  In my experience, people believe what they believe, even if it is clearly at odds with the truth or their own best interests.  The reason I engage in dialogue with conservatives is so that other people (independents) are reminded of what is at stake, and how very extreme the Republican party has become.  The Democrats aren’t saints necessarily, but compared to the things Republicans are proposing, they are clearly the more rational choice for people who want a functioning society.

And frankly, I’d like to know, what are Republicans proposing to do?  If it’s to lower taxes for corporations and the rich, destroy Medicare as we know it, and defund programs that help the least among us, which is what the Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) budget plan proposes to do, then I’m sorry, I fail to see how that is going to lead to a better United States of America.

If you can convince me that Republican policies are good and will help ordinary Americans, I’ll gladly change my party affiliation and vote for them.  So I’ll issue a challenge to Republicans: tell me what your party stands for, and how, using facts and data, Republican policy positions will lead us to a better tomorrow.  I’d like to hear ideas for health care, education, taxes, etc.  What is the Republican platform?  What are conservatives proposing to do to address the issues this country faces?  I swear I’ll vote for the Republican nominee if you can convince me, and I promise to keep an open mind.  I’m willing to change my beliefs if it is rational to do so, and I’m willing to concede that I’m not perfect.

Until that time, however, I’ve got very good reasons to make the claims I make, and I make every attempt to be as “intellectually honest” as possible.  And if anyone ever wants to have a public political debate, let’s set it up.  Let’s go.

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