Evidence of Democrats Sucking

So, anyone who’s ever read more than about four sentences from this blog knows how I feel about Republicans.  They’re immoral, disgraceful, evil human beings, who care only about power and serving their rich, corporate masters.  That sounds pretty harsh, but it’s God’s honest truth, and anyone who doesn’t believe every word of that last sentence needs to turn off Limbaugh, Fox News, and whoever else has been lying to them, and open their fucking eyes.  It’s a complete sham, and it blows my mind that people (read: idiots) continue to vote for a party that has done nothing good for the American people in the last 20-30 years.

However, this blog is not about Republicans.  It’s about Democrats.  I was a registered as a Democrat,  but I’m quitting the party, and I think you should too.

Because, after all, the point of electing candidates from a particular party (Republicans should pay attention here) is not so that they can have power; it is so they have the power to pass laws that help people reach the high standards of freedom and equality stated in the U.S. Constitution.  In other words, we elect politicians to get shit done.  Now of course, having the power to do it is obviously important, but politicians should always be advocating for good policies—even if that puts them in danger.

The problem is that this is almost never what politicians from either party actually do; they’re much more concerned with keeping their sweet, 110-work-day-a-year jobs, and scamming favors/money off of fundraisers, rich campaign donors, and lobbyists.  Now obviously, conservative voters that still vote for Republicans are just huge fucking idiots who are probably never going to figure things out, so I don’t expect them to hold their politicians feet to the fire—unless it’s to primary them for someone that’s even more of a lunatic than the original.

The question then, is whether normal, smart, decent Americans (Democrats, liberals, Independents, etc.) are going to start holding the Democratic Party to account?  Because on the issue of staying in power for the sake of staying in power (instead of actually advocating for good policy), Democrats are pretty fucking terrible.

Five examples on this front (the list keeps growing as I write this):

1)   Sherrod Brown, who’s a “liberal’s liberal” according to progressive Portland radio host Carl Wolfson, is currently in favor of a pork barrel project to make more Abrams Tanks—even though the Pentagon has told Congress they don’t want any more.  Why?  Well because they’re made in Ohio, Brown’s state.  So Congress is now engaged in a bipartisan effort (because Republicans from Ohio had to get in on this too) to appropriate nearly half a billion dollars to build tanks that the military—the one budget we should be cutting—doesn’t want.

2)   Kurt Schrader, a Democratic Representative from Oregon, has recently voted against the minimum wage, along with six other Democrats.  I’m picking on Schrader here because he’s actually my representative, and moreover, if any state is the poster child for increasing the minimum wage, it’s Oregon.  We have one of the highest minimum wages in the country, and it’s not as if our economy has collapsed or the sky is falling as Republicans/idiots would have you believe.  Granted, the legislation was not going to pass in the Republican House, but that doesn’t excuse Schrader and the other cowards from advocating—as our representatives—for the policies we elected them to support.

3)   Some Democrats are now getting panicky about the implementation of Obamacare, worried that it might affect their chances of reelection in 2014.  This should drive anyone who’s a reasonable person crazy.  Look, if Obamacare’s good policy, then they shouldn’t be worried about it.  If it isn’t good policy, then WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T THEY PASS A PUBLIC OPTION OR SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE WHEN THEY PASSED THE GODDAMN THING!  The answer to that question is a long story, but again, the reason we didn’t have a better “Obamacare” bill is because of conservative Democrats, who weren’t behaving like Democrats at all.

4)   The four Democratic Senators that voted against the background check bill.  By voting against the bill, they became the story, even though the bill still wouldn’t have cleared the filibuster because of Republican opposition.  So instead, anger that should have been directed at Republicans and Republicans only, became anger that was directed at government in general, which plays right into the hands of guess who?  Republicans, who hate government and want nothing more than for Americans to think that government gridlock is a function of both parties, even though it’s mostly their party.

5)   Much like on the national level, Democrats failed on the gun issue in Oregon too; Senate President and Democrat Peter Courtney decided not to bring any of this session’s gun bills up for a vote, because they supposedly didn’t have the votes.  Whether this was a political calculation to prevent Democrats from looking bad because he knew they were cowards and would vote against the will of their constituents for fear of the NRA, or whether he’s afraid of the NRA himself, doesn’t matter: Courtney abdicated his duty to the people of Oregon and the principles of democracy.

What’s worse is that these are all things that have happened since the 2012 election, in which Democrats stomped Republicans.  They won the White House, the Senate, and if there wasn’t so much damn gerrymandering in Republican controlled states, Democrats would have won the House too (more votes were cast for House Democrats than House Republicans, even though Republicans maintain control of the House, 234-201).  So why the hell are Democrats running scared just a few months later?

Frankly, it’s corruption and cowardice.  It’s Democrats trying to play both sides—they tell us to vote for them to make inroads in a conservative district, but then they don’t vote any differently than a Republican would, because they’re afraid of getting ousted from their seats.  If that’s sounds asinine, it’s because it is.  As I pointed out earlier, the only reason we should care if someone’s in power is if they can actually do something good with that power.  And, if they fail to do good things with that power, making the excuse that it’s necessary to stay in power, then what fucking good is it?  Why should we give a damn if Kurt Schrader loses his seat to some ass clown Republican if he’s just going to vote like a Republican anyway?

We shouldn’t.  After all, it’s actually much better if the public sees a Republican casting horrible votes for policies that hurt people or against policies that help people.  They do this all the time anyway, but when Democrats join them in making horrible votes, the party loses any credibility it has built with its voters, and the old Republican bullshit line that “both parties are at fault” is vindicated, even though reality tells us that the problem’s 90% Republican, 10% Democrat.

This has to stop, and that’s why I’m quitting the Democratic Party starting a new one: the Action Party.  I’ll announce the platform in a next blog.  Stay tuned.

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  • Reply Proud Republican

    Democrats and terrorists have one thing in common. They both want the destruction of America. OBAMA- One Big Ass Mistake America
    God bless America

  • Reply SayNoToLiberatards

    Please don’t stop there. Quitting the Democratiic party isn’t enough. Teach every Repubican a lesson and quit the whole country. Marry a Canadian or Mexican and make the move. I’ll pay for the plane ticket if you promise not to come back!

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