Endorsement, err… Anti-Endorsement: Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Republicans this Fall

For those with little time I’ll cut to the chase: you should vote for Democratic, Third Party, and/or Independent candidates this Fall. The reason is that the Republican Party is incapable of governing, state or nation. Indeed, a vote for a Republican candidate this November 4th is a vote for partisanship, gridlock, and inaction in government.

Let me repeat something that so far, no one has corrected me on: the Republican Party has not passed or even sponsored any legislation in the last 20 to 30 years that would help ordinary Americans, and they are not currently proposing any policies that would do so either. REPUBLICANS have DONE NOTHING, and are proposing, if elected, to DO NOTHING.

That’s really all you need to know. Think about that: you have a choice between a candidate (Democrat, Independent, Third Party) who will do SOMETHING versus a Republican candidate who will do NOTHING.

Worse, it’s quite possible—indeed likely—that a Republican candidate would not only do nothing, but will actually prevent good things from getting done. Consider, that in the last two years, Republicans prevented the following things from happening:

A)   Lower interest rates on student loans. So if you have student loans, the Republican Party cost you, personally, thousands of dollars. Not figuratively, not through some wonkish rationalization, but literally, anyone with student loans WILL PAY MORE MONEY because of the Republican Party.

B)   Immigration reform that would’ve strengthened border security, established a rigorous, fair process to become a U.S. citizen, streamlined the immigration process for those wanting to come here, added billions of dollars to our economy, and cut the deficit by $200 billion in the first 10 years, $700 billion more in the next 10.

C)   Universal background checks on guns so that criminals, terrorists, and crazies can’t buy guns at gun shows or on the internet. 90 percent of Americans support such a bill, but not Republicans. By the way, there was another school shooting in Seattle last week.

D)   An increase in the minimum wage. Remember, Republicans are super worried about the TAKERS who’re on Food Stamps, Welfare, and Medicaid… but apparently not enough to do anything to allow people who work 40 hours a week to make above poverty level wages. That’s an important thing to keep in the discussion: when we allow businesses to pay less than a living wage, that means their workers will need welfare from the government to survive. In other words, we, U.S. taxpayers, are subsidizing businesses who pay their workers minimum wage.

E)   Ending tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. Right now, businesses who want to employ Chinese people instead of Americans get a tax break to do it. Republicans think that’s a good thing.

F)    Expanding Medicaid. Republican governors in many states have refused to expand Medicaid because they don’t like Obamacare, even though it would cost their state next to nothing. That means millions of people that could have healthcare, don’t, which a Harvard study estimates will cost over 27,000 lives. People will actually die because they have a Republican governor. Again, not pretend, not hypothetically, not figuratively, but they will literally be unnecessarily dead. That’s bad.

OK, so full disclosure, at a state level, Republicans actually have done some stuff, like:

1)   Restricting voting. That’s right, even though a study showed that voting fraud ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS, Republicans in state legislatures across the U.S. have been passing Voter ID laws, ending early voting and same day registrations, and figuring out all kinds of other ways to make sure people—especially young people and black people, who usually vote for Democrats—can’t vote.

2)   Cutting taxes for the very rich and large corporations. Republican governors and legislators in states like Wisconsin, Kansas, Louisiana, and elsewhere have made sure rich campaign donors get paid back for their support. Of course, these tax cuts haven’t been good for anyone else in those states. Take Kansas, for example, which “collected $330 million less in taxes than it had forecast, and $700 million less than it had collected in the prior year.” Those shortfalls translate to less money for schools, roads, and other state services for ordinary citizens.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. The plain fact is that Republicans don’t have the best interests of the American people in mind—and I’m not some partisan liar that’s telling you this: check out the hyperlinks or research the matter yourself. At every turn they’ve blocked common sense legislation that would have directly benefit millions of Americans, and why? Because the uber-rich and large corporations that get them elected are calling the shots. And if we elect them, that’s what they’ll do again. Remember, Republicans are NOT CURRENTLY PROPOSING ANYTHING that will address any of the problems we now face, whether they be wage and wealth inequality, student loan debt, health care, immigration, gun violence, climate change, etc.

Beyond that, Republicans, Fox News, and right wing media personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others, have lied their believers into an alternate reality that’s given rise to Tea Party extremism, spawning absurd and dangerous ideas, like the United States should be a Christian nation or that President Obama actually wants Americans to get Ebola. When people vote for Republicans, they’re sponsoring that kind of extremism, partisanship, and hate.

Therefore, though the Democrat, Independent, or Third-Party candidate you vote for may not be perfect, there’s a 99.9% chance they’re a hell of a lot better than the Republican running against them.

Look, I understand if all of this disgusts you to the point of wanting to just sit it out, but please don’t. Remember, as I’ve shown in a previous post, the only reason Republicans win is because so many Americans don’t vote. By not participating, by being unengaged, by staying home or not caring, Americans that don’t vote are in fact approving the Republican agenda, which as I’ve shown, is downright awful.

So this election, please, please vote. And when you do it, vote for whoever has the best chance to beat their Republican opponent.

About The Author: Jay Scott


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    If you would look at those gun violence numbers you will see the largest percentage of homicide offenders ages 14-24 and are 99% from broken families that have stolen a gun. Gun show sales are less than than 2% of the crimes. Deranged people don’t buy them they steal them. Handgun murders are way down from the early 90’s. Most states have restrictive gun sales now in place. We would be better off modifying our mental health care systems in this country. We have decaying morality everywhere you go.

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