Dummies…Some People are SO Dumb!

David Brooks: idiot. Teachers that support Republicans: idiots. Anyone that is not making more than $1 million dollars a year that is supporting Republicans: idiot.

Let’s start with the discussion I got in on Facebook with some former colleagues. Now, let me say first that these people are good human beings, and personally, I like them very much. Unfortunately, they’ve fallen victim to right wing talking points, and insist on espousing them, despite an inability to cite how the policies they support will help the economy or why they are fighting for people that genuinely hate them (and who, if they got their way, would eliminate their jobs).

One of these people insisted on repeating the Tea Party line that basically, “we have a spending problem.” Dumb. Right now, cutting down on our alleged “spending problem” would horrify the economy. When someone’s chest (I like to picture Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senator voted most likely to replace Satan after death at his high school graduation) is open because their heart has stopped (massive unemployment, economic recession), the surgeon doesn’t worry about the fact that the patient has prostate cancer (“spending problem”—which only exists because of constant and continual tax cuts by idiot Republicans), because whereas a heart attack is fatal within an acute period of time, prostate cancer is not.

Look, even if our financial house was in perfect order right now, we would still have a bad economy. See—and this is one thing dumb people don’t get (among others, like what an abomination it is for Kevin Smith to continue using precious oxygen)—our deficit in no way impacts our economy. At all (remember dumb Republicans, you have to have facts to reproach this). So while I certainly am not opposed to cleaning up our nation’s finances, focusing on doing it during a bad recession while there is 10% unemployment is only going to make things worse. To use another medical reference, you don’t worry about weaning a patient off painkillers until they’re healed and their pain has subsided.

So Tea Party dumbshits, by saying, “we have a spending problem,” are basically saying, “our economy is really bad, so let’s beat the shit out of it and make it worse.” And that’s really, really dumb. And for that, let me say a deeply felt, “fuck you.”

What’s worse is, these people are teachers. So I know they aren’t dumb. And yet, here they were, supporting Republican ideology. How many times do you have to hear Rush Limbaugh tell you you’re a slimy, disgusting, life sucker (what he said of teachers recently) who is no better than an amateur baby sitter to get that he’s not on your side? Or didn’t you hear?! Republicans have made a huge push to eliminate collective bargaining in many states, and nationally, just refused to pass a measure that would put more teachers back to work.

So…I don’t get it. When someone makes it known that they’re my enemy, I don’t cozy up to them for more. If I see Rich Lowry on the street, I’m going to kick him in between the legs, where his balls should be. When someone tells me they despise what I do, what I stand for, and who I am, I don’t kiss their ass and pass along their views. I fight—especially when it comes to something as important as education—without which, a complex market economy, medicine, and any technological advancement would be rendered impossible.

Shame on teachers, or any public employee, who support Republicans…you should know better, and that makes you the fucking worst, excepting everyone responsible for producing, “Shoulda put a ring on it,” by Beyonce. They are even worse. That song is god-awful. Everytime I hear it I want to scream like an autistic kid dropped into a war zone. Extreme right? And yes, it is that bad.

Now, David Brooks. On the one hand, he argues that people hold the government responsible for the state of our economy, and on the other, suggests that people don’t trust the government. Brooks thinks that because of this, Obama’s election strategy of running against Congress is wrong.

Why? It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to get to the truth: people don’t trust the government because it is full of Republicans who refuse to do anything about the economy, and because the government has been largely paralyzed to do anything about the economy, Americans are inclined to blame the state of the economy on the government. I know I feel that way. I don’t trust government because I have no reason to—time and time again they (Republicans, and to be fair, some Democrats) refuse to do anything that would actually help someone that isn’t uber rich. And I blame the government for fucking the economy up—the repeal of banking regulations, the Bush Administration basically looking the other way when warned of the mortgage crisis, lowering taxes while going to an unjustified war…don’t you see Brooks, you fucking absolute moron! We don’t trust the government because of Bush and all the other ass clowns before him, and the state of the economy has everything to do with how we’ve been running shit for the last 30 years.

A person who knows these things is likely to fall into that split, but is also likely to vote for Obama come fall of 2012, because the Republicans are all just pissing themselves to see who can be a more conservative fuck, and proposing things like 9-9-9 and a flat tax which would only exacerbate the massive wealth inequality that has caused the occupy Wall St. demonstrations.

The real story, I think, is that Brooks has just lost it. He knows deep down that the Republicans are done, that they’re the worst, and that they’ve left the conservative intellectuals in the party like him, far, far behind. Only dumb shits believe their lies now. But, still, he is supposed to tow the line, and so he does so, leaving himself prone to massive errors in logic.

Worst! Wake up Brooks! You’re writing next to Krugman, who’s a genius. Stop pretending, and come to the side that’s right. And my facebook buddies, please do the same. I know you’re not dumb, so you may as well stop acting and voting like it.

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    Wait….what’s the beef with Kevin Smith?

  • Reply robinmaine

    You are totally on track…Krugman is a genius. As a teacher, I will not let anyone devalue what we do and get away with it.

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