Ducks Fan, Let’s Just Calm Down About Whose Rooting for You

So I’m just gonna put it out there Duck fans: I’m rooting for you. Yes, I’m a Beaver believer. Yes, at times I hate the Ducks. Yes, I wish your team would wear it’s fucking colors instead of having more outfits than a rich high school girl. Yes, it would be nice if we could actually beat you in the Civil War every five or six years, even if that meant knocking you out of the Natty. And yes, many of your fans are bandwagoneers, jackasses, and/or just plain old jerks (which can probably be said of most top five college footbabll programs).

But still, I’m a Ducks fan tonight. An Oregon Ducks’ championship, as much as it pains me to say it, would be fantastic for our state, as well as for the Pac-12. Which is why, Beaver Nation, you should be too. Playing against a team that’s won the national championship, year in and year out, elevates our program too, just as Auburn and the SEC West have been elevated by playing Alabama.

The other reason why I’m rooting for the Ducks is that it’s anti-establishment. Ohio State, Alabama, USC, Florida, Florida State, Texas—who the hell wants to see those teams win again. They all benefit enormously from tradition, boosters, and in all reality a healthy dose of collusion via reputation. The Ducks, while wearing colorful uniforms and having a rich uncle Phil, are newcomers, and that’s important, because if newcomers can win, instead of the establishment, it means college football is headed in the right direction.

Thus, as a Beaver believer, I’m a Ducks fan tonight. That first touchdown drive was badass.

And now the catch: while I’m a Ducks fan tonight, with valid reasoning and rationale, that does in no way mean that every Beaver fan ought to be. They’re our rivals, and you never, ever, have to root for your rival.

Why? Because every year, we hear a lot of shitty things said about our team, and sometimes directly about ourselves, just for being Beaver fans. Indeed, every time I wear Beavers gear out of the house, it is a guarantee that some asshat Duck fan will jack me for it. A guarangoddamntee. We’re called little brother. We’re told you can’t spell “losers” without “OS” (which is ironic, because you can’t spell it without an “O” either). We’re consistently reminded, in every way possible, that you can’t be a winner in Corvallis, Oregon.

So if you’re a Beaver fan and you’re rooting against the Ducks tonight, be my guest. You have just as many good reasons as I do for rooting for them.

And, Duck fan, you don’t get to bitch about it if they do. Beaver fans don’t owe you anything, and getting butt-hurt about it is completely ridiculous. You don’t get to have a huge portion of your fan base treat your in-state rival like they’re lesser human beings for 364 days a year, and then get to be pissed if they don’t root for your team on the 365th. Plus, we all know that if the Ducks do win, we Beaver fans are going to hear about it constantly for the rest of our lives—and not in a good way.

I’m willing to live with that, and I genuinely DO want the Ducks to win tonight—and again, I think there’s a lot of good reasons for other Beaver fans to feel as I do. But if you, Duck fan, don’t win, if Ohio State somehow pulls out a victory, don’t bitch at the Beaver fans that were rooting against you. It’s not as if they did anything to affect the outcome of the game, and the venom that you spit at them in your anger for losing only guarantees one thing…

If you find youselves in the Natty again, they won’t root for you then either.

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