Debunking the Liberals

Liberal radio pundits (no, they aren’t extinct yet) are fond of suggesting that the reason we don’t have good candidates is because people these days are dumb; specifically, they infer, American schools are just so bad that people simply don’t vote for good candidates.

It’s certainly convenient to blame schools for our nation’s problems—after all, we blame schools and teachers for everything else, so why not blame them for our politics too?  Unfortunately, the facts get in the way.

Take, for instance, the last election.  Let’s just use the Presidential vote for sake of convenience.  As we all know, Obama won 51% of the popular vote to Romney’s 47% (ironic, eh).  Now, if the thesis of these liberal pundits is that American Schools are getting worse and worse, leading voters to choose bad candidates, we should have expected a larger proportion of voters to choose Romney, clearly the worse candidate, as voting age gets younger.

Do you see where I’m going with this?  If schools are so bad, and we’re getting so much dumber as a nation, then why is it that young voters overwhelmingly chose Obama?  Obama won 18-29 years olds (60 to 37%), and 30-44 year olds (52 to 45%).  Conversely, Romney won all the old folks, 45 to 64 years old (51 to 47%), and 65+  (56 to 44%).

Let’s recall, Romney was a candidate whose basic math on taxes didn’t add up, who told bald face lies a nincompoop knew were bullshit, and whose campaign got smoked in 9 out of 11 swing states.  He was/is an imbecile, and ran a Presidential campaign we would expect an imbecile to run.

And who got tricked into voting for him?  Old people.  People 45 and up.  So frankly, complaining that our education system is failing to provide American students with the brains to choose the best candidates is just wrong.  Young people overwhelmingly voted their own best interests.  They voted for the more reasonable, sane, and progressive candidate.  Meanwhile, the baby boomers and the greatest, most gullible generation, blew it.

Perhaps we should stop blaming schools and teachers for all the flaws in our society, and instead, start identifying the real problems: 1) politicians who are purchased by lobbyists, corporations, and the very wealthy, and 2) baby boomers and seniors who are either too stupid to see the clear corruption of the Republican Party, or choose not to see it because they’re mean, corrupt people themselves.

 And Another Thing

Oh, and while I’m on the topic of people being wrong, I’m really tired of political pundits wagging their fingers at President Obama for not being able to move his agenda through Congress.  This is just such a bunch of bullshit.  And again, there’s proof.

Just recently, Pat Toomey—a Republican mind you—said that the reason background checks didn’t make it through the Senate, was because Republicans didn’t want to give the President a victory.  They didn’t want to pass legislation that would save lives, in other words, because it would make the President look good.  And these fucking pundits are falling for it by blaming the President!

The notion here, of course, is that President Obama should be twisting arms, kicking ass, and taking names.  It’s a nice idea, but when it comes to the Republicans, they’re too obstinate to have their arms twisted, too crazy to care that they just got their asses kicked (#2012), and too oblivious to care if anyone’s taking names.

Unfortunately, the press isn’t…taking names that is.  As is the case all too often in U.S. politics, the press blasts Democrats when they don’t do what’s best for the country, but ignores blatant corruption and incompetence from Republicans.  They blame Obama for losing on guns, the budget, and the sequester, even though Republicans made a pretty blatant point of ensuring he couldn’t win on any of them.

To the point about twisting arms, the sequester is a perfect example.  The sequester contained such a massive cut to military spending it was supposed to be unthinkable for Republicans to allow it to go forward.  But they didn’t care.  Even though everyone from Obama to Ray LaHood (the Republican Secretary of Transportation) to military commanders begged them to please come to the table to bargain so that the cuts didn’t take place, they just didn’t give a damn.  So I guess the point is, when Republicans, who generally worship the military so lavishly that it would embarrass a cheap whore, are willing to cut the military in order to spite Obama, it doesn’t leave Obama much leverage to “twist arms.”

Think of it this way: sometimes a court declares a defendant “unfit to stand trial.”  Usually, it’s because the judge deems this person to be mentally incapable of producing coherent testimony or fully understanding what is actually happening in their court case.  In this way, Republicans are unfit to govern.  They’re incapable of producing or passing any legislation that would actually be good for the American people, because that would make Obama look good, which is either very crazy, very evil, or both.

So please, before we all start blaming the President (as liberals are wont to do) let’s not forget that he’s in an impossible situation: the Republican Party hates his guts, and won’t do anything he wants to do—even if it means defying/hurting their own constituents!

Republicans are unfit to govern.


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