Classic Republican Lies

I thought it might be interesting to review some of the most classic conservative lies, just for a bit of fun, and so you’ll recognize them when they appear during the next year and a half while the Republican led House of Representatives does nothing on jobs, and the minority of the Republicans in the Senate filibuster any bill that does happen to pass (as well as judicial appointments and other executive appointments, like they did to Elizabeth Warren, who was to head up an agency that would monitor Wall Street to make sure we don’t redo the banking collapse that sunk our economy in the first place—that is just not important to the Republican party).  By the way, how great is it now that Obama is on the stump forcing Republicans to defend low tax rates for the rich and subsidies for massive corporations?  I love it.  It’s great.  Anyway, to the lies!

1.  Obama is engaging in class warfare by asking for higher tax rates on the rich: OK, can we first agree on some basic logic (shut the fuck up McCain, you fucking kite)?  If your tax rate stays the same, but you get less, i.e. Medicare and Social Security are cut, or roads go unrepaired, or the police have fewer patrols, or the fire station has to extend its boundaries of coverage or put fewer men on duty, or your kids have larger class sizes, and fewer days, teachers and programs to choose from, then effectively, your taxes have been raised, right?  You are now getting less for the same amount of money.  So, even if your taxes aren’t technically getting raised, you are getting screwed.  You pay the same, but you get less.  Right?  OK good (if you can’t agree to that, I want you to go directly to the doctor and ask that s/he end your ability to reproduce).

For those of you still with me, you probably see where I’m headed.  It is the Republicans who want to cut/end Social Security and Medicare, the Republicans who hate teachers, the Republicans who want to cut back on those services that government is there to provide.  If that isn’t class warfare, I don’t know what fucking is?  So now they want to scream and bitch and whine about the marginal tax rate being raised on people making more than $250,000 a year, or even a million?  And this is somehow class warfare?  If my wife didn’t watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey I’d say that is the most overly dramatic thing I’ve ever heard.

The interesting fact is that during the last decade plus, the only segment of the population that has seen their incomes rise are those making more than 250K a year.  Wages have been stagnant for most everyone else, and data just came out showing that the U.S. has the highest rate of poverty since we’ve been keeping track.  So how is it class warfare to ask the only people who have profited off of our current economy to pay a little higher tax rate?  Dumb.  And a lie.

By the way, let me just say this about a progressive income tax.  The more you make, the higher rate you should pay, and here’s why: you benefit more from the system of government that you are paying for.  If you’re a business owner, you need good road and transportation systems so that your customers, suppliers, and employees can get to your place of business.  You have more to lose if you are robbed, so you should pay more for police and fire protection—and for that same reason you should pay more for our military.  You need skilled employees, or at least ones that can perform basic tasks, so it benefits you more to have an educated population.  Are we starting to get the point?  The richer you are, the more you owe to the system as it functions, the more wealth you have to protect, and therefore, the more you should pay.  But then again, this is a slightly complex idea, and those in favor of a flat tax apparently never learned to think beyond the pre-school logic of thinking: ?“if he has a red block, I want a red block, and if he gets one piece of candy, I get one piece of candy.”  Dumb, though not a lie.  Just really fucking dumb.

Lie 2—Tax cuts are good for business.  Raising taxes will hurt the economy: a clear lie right off the bat—if low taxes made a good economy, wouldn’t we have a great economy?  After all, taxes are lower than they’ve been in half a century.  The truth is, having lower income taxes on high incomes encourages people to take money OUT of the system, which if the last decade is any indication, they don’t tend to spend in ways that helps the domestic economy.  On the other hand, if taxes are a bit higher, it encourages people to keep their money IN the business, where it is not taxed, where it can be used to build machinery, store fronts, factories, etc.  You see, when you invest in your business, it is not counted as profits, and therefore, not taxed at all.  And then, magically, construction workers have stuff to do.  You can pay to employ more people.  Your business grows.  Feel it, it’s circular, it’s like a carousel.  You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, it goes up and down, and around.  Circular.  Circle.  With the music.  The flow.  All good things.

Lie 3—The government is inefficient compared to private business: wrong.  Have you heard or seen those commercials lately for health insurance companies?  Guess who doesn’t have to do that?  Medicare.  Guess who doesn’t have to pay investors, CEOs, or other non-value adding employees?  Medicare.  Guess which kind of health care has 10-20% lower operating costs than private insurance?  Medicare.

Look, I don’t want the government in the business of making shoes, but there are some industries where the government has a distinct advantage in so far as it can provide goods and services more cheaply because IT DOESN’T HAVE A PROFIT MOTIVE.  Things like electricity, water and sewer service, building roads, and quite frankly, insurance, are natural monopolies; that means that the cost per unit of production goes down as production goes up.  And what do you fucking know, they all happen to be things that everybody needs—isn’t that convenient?  Especially when you read the latest news about how private health insurance costs are skyrocketing (they’ve doubled since 2001).

Lie 4—Republicans are pro-life: an absolute and magnificent farce.  This is a party that is against health care, for the death penalty, and nothing gets their blood up quite like a good war of choice.  The Republicans could care less if people live or die, which is why they want to continue to cut government spending to help people when 1 in 6 Americans lives in poverty.  They hate unemployment, welfare, food stamps, even WIC, which stands for women, infants, and children (remember, it was only when Anakin turned to the dark side that he began killing younglings–and guess who died in childbirth because she had a robot doctor?).  The only reason they say they are against abortion is because it’s a wedge issue that tricks religious idiots into voting for them.

More Republican lies soon…life sometimes makes you really busy, but I promise I will try to be more prolific dear readers!

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  • Reply omnimark

    Although I really enjoy reading and for the most part agreeing with your posts, a retro-nasal examination reveals a distinct DDNW yeast aroma. I thought this was a Liberal Blog? The most insidious lies are half truths. I love the way Democrats and Republicans point fingers at each other, like those dumb ones you were just talking about. Do they really think that the divisiveness of their personal prejudice will help to solve any of our country’s problems. One points at percentage points, the other at dollar amounts to rally against each other to find blame for our national debt. Dumb, because the issues are much more complex. Would really enjoy a pinch of USA in place of the Democrats Do No Wrong mold.

  • Reply pritchardscale

    1. It is a liberal blog.
    2. If you believe that Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame for our problems you shouldn’t be calling anyone dumb.
    3. I’m proud to be divisive if it means I am opposing policies and people that want to live as if it’s the 19th century.
    4. If you look closely, I am advocating for the U.S. I want the economy to be great again. I want this country to be a place where everyone has an opportunity to live a great life. I’ve called out the Democrats when I think they are doing something stupid.

  • Reply SoulDoubt

    It’s not that the Democrats can do no wrong. It’s just that the Republicans – at least when it comes to our current economic situation – are completely wrong. And to be supporting them in any capacity while they continue spout rhetoric and ignore facts will only delay any semblance of a recovery.

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