Bring on the Pain

To be honest, I haven’t been following the news super close lately.

Besides, it’s all the same: Trump is an idiot who has no business in the Oval Office (I mean for Christ’s sake the other day he tried to take credit for building the Panama canal). His administration’s in shambles–both in terms of functioning and being in deep shit on Russia. And¬†Republicans are engineering their latest act of cruelty on the American people, ramming a secret healthcare bill through the House and now the Senate that will take healthcare away from 20+ million people in order to give tax cuts to the rich.

So when I saw that somehow, in magnificent show of complete fucking idiocy, voters chose Karen Handel–a Republican–over Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s sixth district, my initial reaction was shock. Like, what the hell are these people thinking?

But then I thought to myself: no, this is exactly what we should expect. And ultimately, it’s what we deserve. If we’re too stupid as a country to not make the correct choice between a party that is plainly corrupt–a party that plainly doesn’t care about ordinary people–and a party that however flawed, at least wants people to be able to survive… well then I say bring on the pain.

Because if you want to break down the policy difference between our two political parties, that’s it:

  • Democrats believe people should have affordable healthcare, living wage jobs, and a safety net that means seniors, children, and people living in poverty don’t starve to death or die on the streets like dogs in some third world country.
  • Republicans don’t. They’d rather give tax cuts to the rich and powerful, deregulate industry, and give tax payer money to private contractors–aka campaign donors.

Seriously. That’s it. If you boil it down, those are quite literally the policy positions of Republicans and Democrats.

The problem is either that Republicans don’t know it, or they’ve been imbued with such a voracious hate for Democrats and all things liberal that they’re willing to vote for Republicans out of spite.

Thanks Fox News, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and all you other fucking clowns. Great job–you’ve participated in the greatest, most effective campaign of treason against the United States of America in history. There was never anyway we’d be defeated militarily, but it turns out if you put tin-foil hats on enough people–if you lie, spin, dissemble, and infuriate enough morons and provincial idiots through years of propaganda and hate speech–well, then you can take down the greatest nation on the face of the planet.

China and Russia can’t thank you enough.

So bring on the pain. Pass the fucking awful healthcare bill. Cut taxes for rich people while gutting the social safety net. Gut our regulatory agencies, pollute our air and water, and make sure more people die on the job with no consequences for the companies they work for. Bring on the pain. Burn it to the fucking ground.

It would appear, after all, that that’s the will of the voters.

As for the rest of us, I don’t know what kind of argument is going to break though the wall of noise and bullshit that the right will continue to inundate dumb Americans with, but if this doesn’t make you want to fight like hell, I don’t know what will? It’s narcissistic hedonism that allows the kind of political corruption we have in this country–the fact that too many people are too comfortable too much of the time–and ignorance has flourished.

But if you’re reading this, you’re already woke.


Run for office.

Donate to progressive causes (like this blog–I know, I know, but seriously, I’m fucking poor).

Start a blog, talk to your neighbor, get out the news–DO SOMETHING.

Because Trump and the Republicans are going to bring the pain, and we’re the only ones who can stop them.

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