Another Reason Why I Hate Republicans

Republicans are the fucking worst.  Just terrible human beings.  I’m sorry, that sounds really harsh, but it’s true, and I’ve got proof.

Recently, the Washington Post conducted a poll to see how people were reacting to the recent defeat of background checks in the Senate.  As one might expect, “anger” was the top response.  What one might not expect, however, is that only 47% of respondents had this reaction.  A full 39% said they were very happy, or relieved.  Immediately after I read that, I bought a gun on the internet.  No background check.

This polling data means that between January (when 90% of all Americans wanted stronger background checks) and late April, a bunch of people that initially said they supported background checks were in fact, relieved or very happy that the Senate did not pass background checks.  I guess they were just joking before, right?

No, they weren’t joking: they’re fucking morons.  Anyone who gave an answer other than “anger” when our government ignores the will of 90% of Americans, is an absolute ass clown.  These people—39% of Americans—were actually glad that our government is no longer a democracy.  They were actually glad that our politicians are bribed by lobbyists to do their bidding.  Which leaves any reasonable person thinking: WHAT THE FUCK?!

Here’s the explanation: before the right wing propaganda machine and the NRA got their asinine arguments and lies out to the public, 90% of all Americans were for background checks, because, after all, making sure EVERYONE who buys a gun is checked out before we give them one is an extremely reasonable thing to do.  However, once the shit brained right wing pundits got their shit brained talking points out to their shit brained Republican consumers, a lot of conservatives got tricked into converting their previous, very reasonable position, into one that is completely batshit crazy and totally out of line with their best interests.  So basically, a completely rational policy that almost everyone agreed upon became a boogey man—something to oppose and be upset about—because Republican Americans are the stupidest, most gullible fucking morons on the planet.  “If the ni—er from Kenya is for it, then I’m agin’ it—ain’t that right Cletus?”

What blows my mind even more, are the arguments being put forth by the gun nuts.  Criminals won’t get background checks, they say, so what good would it do anyway.  Well, using that logic, we really shouldn’t have any laws at all, right Billy Bob?  Rapists aren’t going to stop raping people just because we have a law against rape, right?  And burglars are going to go right on stealing things, laws or no, so really, why should we have any laws at all?


The gun crazies also like to say that guns don’t kill people, people kill people (of course, I could replace “guns” with booze, drugs, AIDS, or any number of other things, and the argument would be no more or less valid).  Also, they argue, if someone is really crazy and wants to kill people, there are other ways to do that without using a gun.  Now I’ll grant that both statements are technically true, but they’re also both Red Herrings, in that they distract us from the actual argument.  Because let’s face it, it’s a hell of a lot easier to kill someone with a gun than without one; indeed, doesn’t the statement that people kill people—that humans are somewhat naturally violent—mean that we should do everything we can to make sure the people that have guns aren’t inclined to kill other people?  Or put another way, would you rather try to escape from, or stop a criminal with a gun, or a knife?  Here’s a hint: no one chooses gun.  So keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people (which is what the background law was intended to do) is a good thing, unless you’re a foolish “ah-shucks” Republican, who gets bamboozled by dumb arguments a five-year-old could see through.

Oh, and chew on this you stupid motherfucking idiots that were “relieved” that background checks got shot down: terrorists can legally buy guns in this country.  That’s right, under current law, a person can even be on the terror watch list and still legally buy guns at a gun show or on the internet.  No red flags go up.  No alarm bells go off.  Nothing happens.  Because this background check law failed, a terrorist could buy as many guns as they wanted in order to kill Americans.

Let’s be frank: this wasn’t some awesome stand for liberty and/or freedom.  It was just dumb.  Mark my words, people are going to die because of this vote in the Senate, and everyone who voted no, or supports those cowards, or is happy/relieved about it, is an accessory to murder.

If we enlarge the scope of what we’re looking at here, what we see, as I argued in the last blog, is a minority of people holding up progress on issues that most Americans agree on.  In practice, the interests of our rulers—those in government, and the rich people and corporations that lobby them and financially support their campaigns—are not aligned with the interests of the American people.  It’s actually best for our society (which is why 90% of Americans agree) to have a background checks on the sale of every gun.  It makes us safer, it’s rational, and it’s perfectly fair.

The problem is that it’s not in the interests of gun manufacturers, whom the NRA represents, because they want to sell guns, and whether those guns are sold to criminals or sane, rational people, doesn’t really matter to Smith and Wesson.  So the NRA twists the arms of as many legislators as they can, threatening to primary candidates that don’t go along with their wishes, and bam, a very reasonable gun bill that enjoys widespread support, fails in Congress.

As Paul Krugman pointed out recently, this extends to government spending and job creation.  For the vast majority of Americans, a one or two trillion dollar spending program aimed at improving education and infrastructure would be fantastic.  However, that’s not what the very wealthy want to have happen, and because they own our government and have undue influence on what it does—especially the Republican Party—it’s not happening.

Here’s what it boils down to: House and Senate Representatives want to keep their jobs because they pay well, there’s lots of opportunity to make extra money (read: corruption and bribery), they hardly ever have to work, and they can write off almost everything they do.  In concert, the very rich and their multinational corporations would rather bribe our elected officials to do what they want them to do, than have a functioning, fair, democratic society; they want an oligarchy, or perhaps even a monarchy, where the government serves the interests of the rich, and the rest of us get to be peasants who fight over the scraps.  They make more money that way, which is why we’ve seen the gap between rich and poor grow exponentially in the last few decades.  So the rich/corporate elite pay to make sure Representatives and Senators get re-elected, and the Representatives and Senators make sure that the rich/corporate elite drive the policy decisions in government.  Yes, this affects both parties, but as the gun vote tells you, 90% of this is a Republican problem.  Why?  Because Republican voters are dumb fucking idiots who can be tricked into supporting Republican politicians, despite the fact that the GOP does not represent their best interests in Washington.

That’s the simple truth about our government.  And the conservative trolls out there can yell and scream and bitch all they want, but they’re just idiots who took the bait deeper than your average Republican dumbass.

The good news is this: it can’t go on forever.  Eventually, if government doesn’t end the corruption of our economy and politics by the very rich/large corporations, there’s going to be another financial or other kind of disaster that will make it so apparent we’ve been jobbed, even most of the dumbshit Republican voters will wake up from their addiction to bad information.  The question is: how long will this take?  And how bad will it be?  The answers to those questions will determine whether the rich end up with their tails between their legs—but with most of their spoils intact—or with people coming to get them in the night carrying torches and pitchforks.

The longer they manipulate our system to benefit themselves, the more likely it is to be the latter.

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