Why Everything is NOT OK (if you’re still angry, read this)

Let me get a few things off my chest first.

1) I apologize for being so wrong. I really thought Hillary was going to win.

But she didn’t, and to whatever extent my confidence made the shock of Trump’s win worse, I’m sorry. No, no, truly, I’m sorry (and personally horrified).

2) Trump isn’t normal, and this isn’t OK. I’ve now seen takes by three wealthy, prominent white men saying everything is going to be just fine (the waitbutwhy.com guy—who to his credit acknowledged some of what I’m about to say in a second post—Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, who’s revealing himself to be a true douche, and some guy I have no clue about named Darren Hardy).

A few questions if I may for those who subscribe to this line of thinking: would you say that to the 10-year-old girl who had a classmate assault her by grabbing her crotch, saying, “if the President can do it, then so can I”?

Would you say that to Muslim women who’ve had their headscarves ripped off of them forcibly as they’re told, “You shouldn’t be wearing that, you towelhead. You’re not American”?

Would you say that to the black students at Southern LeHigh High School, after white students called them “cotton pickers” using the “heil Hitler” salute?

Would you say that after hearing Trump chose Steve Bannon, a white supremacist, to be his top advisor, or Jeff Sessions, who was considered too racist to be a judge in the 1980’s, to be his Attorney General?

My guess is you wouldn’t. So please, let’s dispense with the whole whitewashing of this election, because that’s literally what it is. Sure, Trump’s Presidency might not have any super terrible consequences if you’re an upper middle class white dude living in the suburbs, but it’s already had terrible consequences for Americans of color, women, Muslims, Latinos, etc., and given Trump’s campaign rhetoric and history, we have no reason to believe it’s going to be any better after he’s actually sworn in. People are terrified, especially in our most marginalized and vulnerable communities—let’s please not pretend that’s normal or OK.

3) I also want, briefly, to help Trump supporters understand what’s actually happening, and why it’s different from other elections. The man you helped elect, Donald J. Trump, at the very least, has fascist tendencies and doesn’t understand or respect how a Democratic society works, nor does he seem to be aware of the basic tenets of our Constitution or the Bill of Rights. And he may not give up power if he loses or is impeached—after all, he said he wouldn’t accept the results of this election if he didn’t win.

Worse, the people he is surrounding himself with will only reinforce his worst personality traits. Remember, the President is the leader of the free world, but Trump—if we’re to judge him by his own statements—doesn’t believe in a free world. We’ve put a spoiled, stupid, irresponsible, racist, bigoted brat in the White House, and frankly, because the media did such a terrible job in this election, we literally have no idea what he’ll actually do as President, other than tweet idiotic takes on politics and try to use his position to make money.

Martial law is a real possibility, as are restrictions on our freedom of speech, press, etc. I don’t understand how that didn’t sink in to the American conscious, but hear it now: if you supported and/or voted for Donald Trump, there’s a very real chance you doomed our Democracy, everything we thought the United States stood for, and the world/human species (climate change). Nice work.

That’s why people are freaking out. Think the protests and riots are bad now? Wait until they’re outlawed, along with freedom of speech, press, etc. Donald Trump is a danger to our way of life, and if you don’t see that, my God are you insulated from the realities of the world.

Oh, and it appears Russia hacked our election to help him get elected. And he’s fully intending to use the office of President to enrich himself and his family. But I’m really glad we all spent so much time freaking out about Hillary’s emails and Benghazi and sharing fake news stories on Facebook about how she was going to ban the national anthem… but I digress.

Because frankly, I’m tired of arguing. Really, really tired of it.

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