An Open Letter to Conservatives

So you won the Wisconsin recall election, and now you’re crowing about it. Good for you. Enjoy it. It feels good to win.

Just don’t let it go to your head. Why? Because you didn’t really win anything. You managed to hold onto a position that was in jeopardy due only to your party’s hubris, arrogance, and corruption.

And you had to buy Walker’s victory by outspending the opposition by 8 to 1.  Don’t say money didn’t matter. If it didn’t matter, then why did your side spend so much to win? Anyone that says money didn’t matter in the Wisconsin election is either lying, an idiot, or both.

Oh, and how does this make your life measurably better?  Because you hate teachers? Because you hate unions?  At the end of the day, the result of the Wisconsin recall is that Republicans managed to protect a man who attacked public schooling, teachers, and other public servants.  Real people were hurt by this, including some that had nothing to do with budget deficits or union contracts, and those are Wisconsin’s students.  Anyone that feels good about students getting shortchanged out of a decent education ought to be ashamed of themselves.

And what about those “greedy” union workers?  They were willing to give Walker concessions on salary, benefits, and pensions in order to help close the budget deficit.  So, sorry conservatives, this isn’t a case where some noble politician stood up to union corruption—collective bargaining worked just the way it is supposed to work, and has worked for over 50 years.  But that wasn’t enough.  Walker and the Republican Party had to take away rights, because that is what Republicans do.

Seriously cons, what did you win?  More tax cuts for the rich, more austerity for the middle class?  Is that what you want—do you think that is going to help the economy?  It won’t.  That’s just a fact.  Republican policies are killing this economy, and sooner or later, no matter how much money your side spends, people are going to start figuring it out.

By the way, why aren’t you outraged that your Republican Congress hasn’t delivered on its 2010 election promise to create jobs?  Oh, I forgot, Republicans would actually have to have a shred of decency and integrity to hold their own politicians accountable for their job performance.  After all, it’s a whole lot easier just to blame that black man in the oval office, isn’t it?  See, in the end, this victory isn’t a vindication of your beliefs.  It doesn’t mean that people want Republican austerity policies.  No, in fact, people will only grow to hate your side, because when Republicans govern, two things happen: regular working people get hurt, and minority groups have their rights taken away.  Face it, you’re a party of bullies, and there’s an awful lot of Americans that know it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.  The Republican Party makes life in America worse for everyone but the richest, most ruthless people, and we Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives are going to fight you every inch of the way.  You are a party of sick, corrupt extremists, and the tighter you hold on, the more you use dirty tricks to seize power, the greater the backlash will be when the people kick your ass out of office.

You can spend every last dollar you have to corrupt the political process, and it won’t change a thing.  We will fight you.  We aren’t going anywhere.  You can try to purge our voters off the lists, and it won’t change a thing.  We will fight you.  We aren’t going anywhere.  You can crow about how you’re winning the war of ideas, and it won’t change a thing.  You’re not.  We will fight you.  WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE

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