America: Pull Your Head out of Your ASS!

Sometimes, I can’t believe how dumb our country is—it’s absolutely baffling. Consider the following:

1) A recent poll shows that likely voters would choose a Republican Congressional Candidate over a Democrat 46 to 42%… why? Because they trust Republicans more on the economy, by a 7 point margin.

2) The same poll reveals that 70% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.

3) Congress’s approval rating is currently at 13%, with 83% disapproval.

4) The vast majority of Congress will be reelected.

So let’s get this straight: the last Republican President—W—wasted trillions of dollars on a needless war that’s completely fucked up the balance of power in the Middle East, AND led us into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, while during Obama’s Presidency, the stock market’s nearly doubled, the unemployment rate has gone from nearly 10% to 6.3%, and the deficit’s been cut in half… and people STILL want to vote for Republicans?

Meanwhile, in Congress, Democrats passed health care reform—AND IT’S WORKING! Healthcare spending has slowed, Medicare is expected to spend $1000 less per recipient than previously projected, and the number of Americans who don’t have health insurance is at a record low (it’d be even lower if many Republican governors and legislatures weren’t denying their poorest citizens Medicaid).

The other side of the aisle? Nothing. Other than voting to repeal Obamacare nearly 50 times, the Republicans have done nothing. In fact, I can’t think of anything they’ve done to help ordinary Americans in terms of the economy in the last 30 years (and in the several years I’ve been saying that, NO ONE has challenged me with proof otherwise) nor are they currently proposing to do anything to help anyone but the rich.  Worse, they’ve done everything in their power to hurt the economic fortunes or ordinary Americans, like: blocking a raise in the minimum wage, blocking a bill to lower interest rates on people with student loans, and filibustering the end of tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas… All this, and people STILL want to vote for Republicans?

Again, if I’m wrong dear reader, please correct me. But given the above, I have a really hard time understanding why ANYONE, let alone a fucking goddamn majority of likely voters, trusts the Republicans on anything—ESPECIALLY THE ECONOMY!

Basically what these polls are saying is this: Americans are pissed at Congress, because they rightly perceive that we are not headed in the right direction, so with their power at the ballot, they’re going to elect Republicans, even though they’ve proven to be completely incapable of doing anything good for anyone… except getting themselves re-elected.

Granted, a lot of this has to do with the fact that for some reason, even though every American knows that the American President is not a king—and in fact has no power to make laws—we expect the American President to act like a king and make laws.

This isn’t limited to the Fox zombie, idiot-racists who live in the Midwest and the South. Oh no, the entire beltway and pundits across the U.S.—led by the dickless Dana Milbank—blame President Obama for just about everything.

Didn’t you know? Obama’s responsible for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ISIS, Syria, Russia invading Ukraine, Ferguson, Congress not getting along (no seriously, Americans disapprove of his ability to work with Congress, even though Republicans have done everything under the sun to destroy his Presidency)—hell, he’s even responsible for wearing a tan suit at a press conference! A TAN SUIT, I TELL YA!

Pretty amazing. And pretty depressing. See, it’s not that I just HATE the Republicans like a sports fan hates their rivals. I hate the Republicans because they don’t offer me anything; frankly, they don’t offer our country anything. If someone can name me ONE problem they are proposing to solve right now with REASONABLE legislation, I’m all ears—but the fact is, there couldn’t be a more clear choice when it comes to our two major parties.

Democrats—and granted, they have their flaws—are at least putting forth solutions that would help people and improve the economy, such as an increase in the minimum wage, lowering interest rates on student loans, and ending tax breaks and subsidies for corporations that are sending jobs overseas or just plain don’t need them because they’re already ridiculously successful (read: Big Oil).

What are Republicans now proposing to do that will help ordinary Americans… cut taxes on the rich? Curtail regulations? Destroy unions? Really? If you think those things are going to help, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

The silver lining is that these polls all involve “likely voters”, and that in the midterms, a lot of people stay home–especially Democrats and Independents. But remember, less than 30% of Americans identify as Republicans—if we all voted, they’d get smashed.

So don’t let the dummies win… register to vote today, and make sure you vote on November 4th. And in the meantime, have the courage to point out the facts to your friends, family, and coworkers. If we don’t, we’re going to end up waiting for 2016 (or longer) to get our country moving in the right direction—and even the dummies agree that we aren’t getting there now.

About The Author: Jay Scott


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    You’re an ass and I don’t have time to explain it to you.

  • Reply Anonymous

    Dear Republicans it’s time to drain the swamp in our own party. we have the house we have the Senate yet nothing gets done. Our elected officials are so busy fighting amongst them selves nothing g gets done while the press and the Democrats laugh at them. it’s time they start keeping the promises they ran on or be voted out of office.

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