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For those who think I’m just a blinded, biased liberal–please take the time to read the following excerpts from my blog “Reality Matters”

“There’s an important and legitimate place for a conservative approach to government, for a party that advocates for states’ rights, low taxes, and individual freedoms. And conservatives have some very legitimate gripes: some businesses are overburdened by regulations; we need to reform our immigration system; and there’s too much corruption and graft in Washington.”

However: “We can’t solve problems we deny exist. There may be fantastic conservative polices that address wage and wealth inequality, but the current Republican Party will never propose those solutions because they don’t acknowledge economic inequality, nor its causes, as problems.”

And ultimately, the single reason why I don’t support Republicans: “Understand, this isn’t a matter of preference or bias, of choosing liberal views over conservative ones. It’s a denial of truth; an unwillingness to accept the world as it is; a deliberate choice to value a manufactured perception over reality.”

If you want to read the whole thing, I’ve posted the link below. But please understand, the thoughts and feelings I so loudly express on this forum AREN’T biased–they’re based on reality. That doesn’t mean I’m right about everything. I’m not. I’m just as flawed as the next human being. But I try my best to look at what’s actually going on in the world, to get past the noise and what the media doesn’t want to tell us, and see: what’s best for ordinary Americans? How should government function to best help ordinary people have the opportunity to live good and productive lives? For that reason I’m not a huge fan of Democrats in many ways–I’m not ordinarily even registered as a Democrat (although I am now to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary), and I’ve called Democrats out on my blog when they do stuff that hurts ordinary Americans.

Here’s the thing though: if someone punches you in the face, it isn’t biased to say that they did it or to be angry at that person. I’m angry at the Republican Party, because their politicians seek to divide us by race and religion, and frankly, because they don’t do anything in Washington to help ordinary Americans. And damnit, I want to have a good life, and I want my fellow Americans to have the opportunity to live a good life as well. Based on what I’ve heard from the GOP, they don’t give much of a damn about that–they certainly aren’t proposing any policies to help us, or to expand opportunity, be it economic, social, or political.

On that note, I’ll end this by asking one more time, a question that so far, no one has been able to answer: can anyone name ONE piece of legislation, ONE program Republicans have enacted through Congress in the last 20-30 years, that helps ordinary Americans? If you can’t answer that question but still vote Republican, maybe I’m not the one who’s biased.


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